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3 Months!


Three months have flown by. Ezra is such a good baby. He’s been sleeping through the night consistently for the last 3 weeks. He sleeps from 7-6:30 in his crib. Occasionally he fights going to sleep and needs some extra snuggles or a pacifier replacement, but for the most part he goes to sleep easily. He naps fairly regularly during the day. I’m looking forward to a more firm nap schedule in the next month or so.


He loves his big sister. He watches her and smiles at her. It’s perfect since Sabrina is more then happy to dance and sing and entertain an audience at any time.


Ezra still likes his pacifier and to snuggle. He’s trying very hard to be mobile. He’s got the wiggle and pivot down. He’s very anxious to be moving. I’m not as anxious for him to be moving.


He is very particular abou...

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Four Months

Four months and two days ago Lulu entered our lives. And I love her more than words can express. She is my light and happiness. All my hopes and dreams. My favorite part of any day. Her prescense fills me with a bursting kind of joy.

And I had no clue how encompassing it would be until she was in my life. I could sort of understand it, but not really understand in my heart- until she was here.

At first, after they cut her out of me and showed me her purply squished gooey screaming face, there was just a sense of surrealness. Then there was the sleep-deprived stupor that permeated my existence those first few weeks. There was the beautiful closeness of breastfeeding- of giving her the best thing I could make- literally.

Then there was awareness...

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3 weeks of…


Sleeping in 2-4 hour bursts.

Swinging, Rocking, Bouncing, Patting.

Many many loads of laundry.


Mini clothes.

Incision pain.

Lots and Lots and Lots of Family help – I literally couldn’t not have stayed sane without it.


Hormone mood swing craziness.

Weight gain of 2.5 lbs for Little Lulu (She weighs 9 lb 5 oz today!!!!).

Weight loss of 20 lbs for me.

Bright wide blue eyes looking up at me.

Little fingers that wrap around mine.

Today, I realized that she recognizes me! Lulu was crying, getting her diaper changed before I nursed her. And my mom put her on the boppy on my lap and Lulu calmed down a little bit and looked at me and opened her mouth wide and said, “Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah” as she tried to wiggle closer to me...

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