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Face Palm

Face Palm: smacking one’s face (usually forehead) with the palm of one’s hand, demonstrating feelings of frustration or exasperation in oneself or others.

Well, what i did today deserves a GINORMOUS face palm.

It all started because I was doing something nice. I was doing my visiting teaching. Well, kind of. I was dropping off muffins to one of the ladies I visit teach. They were homemade banana flax muffins. And they were very good, if I do say so. She may have gotten just 10, instead of a full dozen….

Anyway. I popped Miss Lulu into her carseat, drove over to drop off the muffins and introduce myself. I even put on a bra. And make-up. I know. Shock. And Awe. I had never met the woman, I wanted her to meet put-together-Fannie, not the grungy-lazy-dark-circles-under-eyes-Fannie...

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Revenge, an open letter to those wishing something sweet…buy some starbursts

To those victims of my wedding reception day car decorating skills:

My dear friends, I know you feel like the day of your wedding you were victimized.  The day when you made solemn vows for eternity you found your mode of transportation slightly unable to perform its function.  I want to explain to you how trying to seek revenge will not be as sweet as you think.

Jeff and Melea:  Yours was the first car I ever went to town on with my partner in crime, Josh.  We worked hard on putting together a masterpiece of car decoration...

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