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Halloween … thank you Target

This post is dedicated to Target. A wondrous place of joy and time-saving supplies.

It’s not officially Halloween, but we did go out to our Ward Trunk or Treat and I tried to introduce Lulu to the wonders of FREE CANDY.

Due to my master’s paper writing schedule ((read: all the time)) I didn’t really have much free time to put together costumes. So, after proposing a few ideas to Viddy, we decided on a circus theme. Lulu got a costume from Costco a few weeks back, a few black balloons, duct tape, and a tutu later – CIRCUS!

I went as a tight-rope walker. I got a tutu from the children’s section – it was a large in the children’s section. I know what ya’ll are thinking. You’re sooo lucky to be so skinny. Well...

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Finally I’m getting around to posting about Lulu’s Blessing Day. It ended the weekend of the hospital stay. Viddy’s parents, sister and grandpa, and my dad and step-mom and two of my siblings all came into town. My mom, sister, and cousin were already here.

I had planned on everyone coming over on Saturday night for dinner… but that plan was thwarted by the hospital stay. Instead all of the visiting family got to visit us in our hospital room. Sunday morning around 11 we were released and got to go home and prepare for the party!

Originally her baby blessing was supposed to be in church… church that started at 9 am. Thankfully we arranged it so that we could do it at home. And it was wonderful. It was a fabulous end to a very very stressful weekend...

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Reality, enter stage left

Getting any place with a new baby is *slightly* more complicated than just getting myself to… let’s say church.

Sweet, precious Babygirl-O-Mine eats and sleeps when she needs to, regardless of what time we need to be places. I tried to tell her, reason with her, remind her of our timeline and commitments, but she just won’t listen. Sheesh. Babies these days.

Viddy had a 7.30 AM meeting so that left me and Lulu to get ready by ourselves.

Thank Heavens I showered last night. At least I didn’t show up to church stinky and exhausted looking. Just exhausted-looking, which multiple people pointed out to me. Love it when that happens….

Although I was awake, and I use that word very loosly, at 7 AM, it took all of my barely conscious organizational abilities to get to church. Diaper bag. Bottle...

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Responsibilities and such

It’s Finals Week. And I’ve already mentally checked out of school. Because once I’m done with school I get to delve into preparing for Miss Lulu full time. And I get to have a baby shower. And I get to see lots of family. And then I FINALLY get to meet the little squirt that’s been kicking me in my liver for the past week and a half. And then the real adventure begins.

But I still have one mini-test and one REALLY BIG COMPREHENSIVE test before I should check out…. So today I got my craft on (for reasons I’ll disclose later in this post), caught up on a bunch of blogs I’ve never read before, facebooked, showered, ate some leftovers…. I logged onto Blackboard, if that counts for anything...

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Hello, HELLO, Hello, HELLO, We Welcome You Today.

Hello, HELLO, Hello, HELLO, We’re glad you came our way. To share with us our Primary Day.

We are now primary team teachers.

I am learning a lot of new primary songs I have previously forgotten. I get to color instead of attend grown-up sunday school. Unfortunately, one of us no longer gets to play on his iPhone through 3rd hour… ah hem.

We teach the 5 year olds. 6 5-year-olds. And to be specific: 6 5-year-old boys.

Can we all say ACTIVE???

Along with basic gospel principles we are also all teaching (and learning) about sitting still, keep-your-hands-to-yourself-please, one-two-three-eyes-on-me, zipping lips, and relevant commentating.

It’s great fun.

And now I can to to Target and buy masking tape and safety scissors and crayons and things and get my creative on...

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