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Cherry Blossom Festival

We really enjoyed the cherry blossom festival. I got my creative on and took lots of pictures with my underused camera. Cherry blossoms are an omen of good fortune and are also an emblem of love, affection and represent spring. Perfect for us. Perfect for a wedding.

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The Things We Do

Working, Studying, Wedding Planning. We have lots of things to fill our time. But there are certain things we like to do more than others. This is what we do with our time:

I study. A lot. Or I try to... My pharmacy class and I don't get along. I've developed the habit of organizing my food before I eat it. I think it's my outlet for school. Or maybe I'm just neurotic. Or OCD (emphasis on the C).

This is Band-Aid Owl. This is what happens when you spend too much time on And then you cut the top of your finger off while chopping onions. And then you have a bandaid and a sharpie...

I like to crochet. I like the neat lines. I like creating something from a ball of yarn. This was my conference project, for my friend from school who is having a baby boy.

Dave and I LOVE to coo...

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Extreme Bachelor Pad Makeover

Due to the overwhelming clamor for new posts.  I thought I’d share this special treat.  A picture of my current bachelor pad that is slowly transforming itself into what is known as an apartment blessed with a woman’s touch.  Today, my roommate moved out of my apartment to make room for new horizons in his own life and room for my future eternal roommate in my life.

As this new chapter opens, we’ve immediately begun to re-arrange the apartment and make some adjustments.  As a treat, can you name the 3 things in this picture that have already changed due to a woman’s touch and the 3 things that are bachelor-pad indicators and probably will change.

Now, don’t cheat by looking below at the picture.  Resist the urge.  Don’t come over to the dark side of I Spy picture cheaters.

So, are yo...

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Parties, Traffic Violations, and Losing Things

This past weekend Dave and I went to Utah. I haven’t been in Utah in about a year. It was a great trip, but, Wow, did we have an adventure.

Day One (Friday)

We flew into Salt Lake via New York (Thank You, Jetblue terminal for being AWESOME). We arrived at 5.30, Grabbed our rental and headed off to Provo. My Bridal Shower was planned for 7.30. Oh, and we got In-N-Out on the way. Major Yum. I inhaled it like I hadn’t eaten in 4 days. MmmmMmmmmmm…. So I got to Stacey’s house and had chocolate fondue (as a salute to the Very Well Known Bekka/Lacey/Steph Chocolate Parties). I got to see my wonderful friends, talk and laugh and talk and laugh some more. It was SO GOOD to see everyone. I miss all my friends in Utah so so so much. I got great presents, but mostly I was able to see and and talk to and hug and laugh with everyone.

Day Two (Saturday)

I wake up, and I can’t find my make-up bag, airplane neck pillow thing, Dave’s sunglasses, and my NYC t-shirt. All of these things were supposed to be in my suitcase. I unpacked and repacked my suitcase, like, 6 times. And everything has completely disappeared. Somehow my suitcase came unzipped and everything important fell out while I was walking to my friend’s house. We found the tshirt and the neck pillow thing. But the make-up? Dave’s sunglasses? Gone. No More. I’m going to a wedding, and my

make-up bag is gone. (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!). Dave says, it’s fine, you don’t need make-up, you look beautiful. (Thanks, Honey, but … not to a wedding). I wanted to cry, but I wasn’t going to let the first time I really cry in front of Dave be about make-up. I do have some self respect, even though I’m freaking out about make-up. And to make matters worse, it’s not walmart make-up. We’re talking Bare Minerals, yes, the stuff from the infomercials. Pricey.

After I freaked out, we went to breakfast with Dave’s sibs (and sib-in-law). Way fun. Took my mind off my little dilemma. And off to Dave’s grandma and grandpa’s house we went. I was able to meet them for the first time, we talked and got to know each other briefly, and then Dave and I had to take off like a plane to continue our adventure. And I had a brilliant idea. Nordstrom’s make-up counter. We went there, I told them my sob story, I had 3 make-up ladies around me, grieving with me for the loss of my make-up. And they sat me down, and did my make-up, gave me replacements and threw in a complementary make-up bag for free. PHEW. Disaster Averted.

We went to pick up Dave’s friends, got In-N-Out (for the second time – YUM). And were merrily on our way to the Bountiful Temple. We’re right about to the freeway when something strange happens. We’re just all talking and laughing in the car and Dave pulls over to the side of the road. Is it the GPS? Do we not have the right directions? Is something wrong with the car? Nope. We’ve been pulled over by a cop. FOR MAKING A WIDE LEFT TURN. I’m not even kidding. And the cop has the GALL to chat it up about the temple and where we’re going and thanks us for wearing our seat belts. AND HE GIVES DAVE A TICKET FOR MAKING TOO WIDE OF A LEFT TURN! Seriously, the ticket says “Improper Left Turn.” (For the love of all that is good …) And then we’re running late to the temple. Fabulous. We barely made it to the sealing in time. The doors were shut, we snuck in to the back, standing room only. Thank Goodness we made it!

The reception after was lovely. I got to know Dave’s friends better and we had a great time. We danced for the first time in public. We had great gluten free food (Thanks, Josh and Kim, for making sure we could eat :D).  Dave and I both felt that the universe cosmic balance had been reached with all the crazyness we’d already been through. Dave says that if this kind of weirdness is what we have to deal with because we’re so happy, then it’s fine. We just laugh about it. And the rest of the evening went great (with the exception of a little mishap with the bride and groom’s car… but it worked out fine in the end).

Day Three (Sunday)

My brother was going to come down to see us, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. The good news was that Dave and I got to sleep in (I was running on about 8 hours of sleep total for the last two days…).

Lacey made us some great quiche. We went to church with Dave’s sister and brother-in-law, relaxed, went up to Sandy to meet Dave’s Aunt and Uncle, and then off to Salt Lake for our flight. We went to eat at this great Mexican place, called the Red Iguana (Well, if we were going to have to buy food, it might as well be good food! This place has been featured on the Food Network – major YUM). And we stuffed ourselves with enchiladas and mole.

We were on a red eye from Salt Lake to Long Beach, Ca to D.C. Real efficient use of our time, but it was JetBlue, I can’t really complain. It was a perfect end to a crazy weekend. So we thought.

Sometimes I get air sick. I’ve never thrown up, I just get queasy. But some combination of the enchiladas and the turbulence just didn’t work well together. Let’s just say that I learned a new talent that I have: puking quietly.Everyone around us probably just thought we opened a bag of Mexican Food. But no, I was just puking mostly digested Mexican Food. When we got to Long Beach I got a Coke and then proceeded to snow myself with Dramamine. Lots of Dramamine. By the time we arrived in D.C. at 5.30, we got our bags, and Dave  dropped me off at my place, it was all I could do to walk upstairs and crash on my bed for the next 6 hours. Dramamine = Sleep.

Lessons Learned: 1) Just laugh 2) When in doubt, tell the nice make-up ladies your sob story and they will make everything better  3) When renting a car, opt for one with in state license plates 4) Don’t eat a big meal, then get on a plane, unless you want to re-experience that meal. 5) Sleep is good, drugged sleep is also good.

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My name is Snow, Snowmagedden Snow

So here’s the thing. My earliest memories are in Virginia Beach. Nice temperate weather. When it dusted snow once every few years all the kids in the neighborhood would take all the snow from all the yards and make a foot tall snow man. And school would shut down for the next week.

Then I moved to Michigan. My first winter in Michigan I was walking to my bus stop in knee deep snow. And I had this classic teenage brilliant idea to jump as far as I could into the snow in my deck, so I could see exactly how far the snow came up on my legs… And I had my backpack on. I didn’t really account for the slippery-ness and the center of gravity issue. The end result was me slipping forward, landing hard on my back, having the wind knocked out of me, and being covered in snow...

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How it happened according to Viddy…

So, now you’ve all heard Stephanie’s side of the story, I’ll share a bit of mine.

Before I met Stephanie I had been dating casually having pursued several relationships that never really came together.  So, I’d been fairly complacent for a while focusing on work and taking care of myself.  Taking care of myself is code for trying to live more like an adult instead of a Video college student that eats the same thing two to three times a day.  So, in all, I was kind of just learning to take care of myself.

Then it occurred to me one day, as the year was starting to wrap up in early September it was time to get serious about dating and finding a wife. I’m not going to lie, I’ve tried before.  It’s not like I’ve been sitting on the sidelines the last 7  years since my mission.  By the way, saying that its been seven years since my mission makes me feel pretty old.  Stephanie reminding me that I’m getting nearer to 30 than 25, makes me feel older.  Then when you find out that she’s falls in age right between two of my sisters, well, I’m feeling it.

Anyway, I made the decision to start dating again and dating with purpose.  This time, however, I was going to make this serious.  Between being an active part of the sales process at work and a former volunteer missionary for my church, I appreciated the importance of going after a project with a goal.  Yes, I’m serious, I really was thinking this way.  I had it all planned out: a list of girls I was going to take out, a whiteboard that I’d track our progress on, and budget for how much I was going to spend on dates each month.  It was ready to go.

Just to preface, I had two dates a couple of weeks before and they weren’t pretty.  One canceled on me by email (which was fine because we had the potential to be related considering her last name was my great, great grandfather’s last name) and the other was not one of the best dates I ever had.  I’m sure it wasn’t that great for her either.  Anyway, so this time was going to be different.  This time, I was focused.  This time, I would see results.

So, I asked out a girl in the ward that I was friends with and scheduled a date for the Friday of the following week.  Later that weekend, I had a Dinner Group scheduled.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with these, they’re essentially an excuse to put males and females in the same room to converse and find mates.  It never works, ever…or maybe it does.  By the way, just for the record, my roommates at Jamestown in Provo can attest to this...

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The Story

Fannie’s Story

Ok. So every time I see our URL name I think of girls’ camp. For some reason it makes me think of the big booty game, but substitute big adventure for big booty and it kind of works. Anyone? Anyone? Ok, maybe I was just bored in class….

Any ways…. All through September I was going on Lots of Dates. LOTS. And every time I came home I was just like…. BLEH (Translation: Bleh equals no chemistry, not my type, or “it” just isn’t there). And then the guys would be interested and ask me out again. Which ended up being a lot more BLEH.
Here I was in a dating funk, and my good friend Nicki comes to me on a Sunday afternoon and invites me to a dinner group. I hemmed and hawed about it. ‘Cause I have allergies and I was tired and blah blah blah. But she assured me she would bring something I could eat and said she didn’t want to go by herself so I went. It was me and five other girls and Viddy. So we all talked and it was fun and the food was good.

Two Days Later. I get a facebook friend request. Dun dun DUN. From Dave. And I accepted. And then I get a MESSAGE. and I respond. And then a PHONE CALL. And we agree to go to Carabas on a Date. By the Way, The phone call was hilarious. It made me want to like dating again, because we talked so easily and I laughed pretty much non stop. And the date was laughing and talking non stop. We were the last people in the restaurant to leave. And we continued to sit in the car and talk. And then he took me to meet his parents. Really. Seriously.  So…. maybe I had to use a restroom (way too much water at the restaurant…) and maybe he parents live close by and it was that or a gas station. But – it’s funnier to just say he took me to meet his parents on our first date.

A Few Days After That...

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Viddy Is The Luckiest Man On the Earth

Just so people know, I’m totally and utterly in love with Stephanie. She has enriched my life beyond what I could have ever imagined. Each moment I find that I wish I could be close to her and share it with her.

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