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80 Days

80 days.  As my lovely fiance put it the other day, 80 days isn’t that long.  See by her math when you subtract 10 days from 80 days you get 70 days.  When you subtract 10 days from 70 days you get 60 days.  And so on.  Pretty soon, you’re at 10 days out from getting married.

For my part, I’m very thankful to be 80 days from marrying the love of my life.  When I look over my romantic past, I see many individuals that have helped shape my opinion of the person I would one day marry.  Some of these had great qualities that I’m lucky to have found in Steph.  Some others had qualities that I’m even more thankful that Steph doesn’t have, like crazy stalker tendencies...

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The Story

Fannie’s Story

Ok. So every time I see our URL name I think of girls’ camp. For some reason it makes me think of the big booty game, but substitute big adventure for big booty and it kind of works. Anyone? Anyone? Ok, maybe I was just bored in class….

Any ways…. All through September I was going on Lots of Dates. LOTS. And every time I came home I was just like…. BLEH (Translation: Bleh equals no chemistry, not my type, or “it” just isn’t there). And then the guys would be interested and ask me out again. Which ended up being a lot more BLEH.
Here I was in a dating funk, and my good friend Nicki comes to me on a Sunday afternoon and invites me to a dinner group. I hemmed and hawed about it. ‘Cause I have allergies and I was tired and blah blah blah. But she assured me she would bring something I could eat and said she didn’t want to go by herself so I went. It was me and five other girls and Viddy. So we all talked and it was fun and the food was good.

Two Days Later. I get a facebook friend request. Dun dun DUN. From Dave. And I accepted. And then I get a MESSAGE. and I respond. And then a PHONE CALL. And we agree to go to Carabas on a Date. By the Way, The phone call was hilarious. It made me want to like dating again, because we talked so easily and I laughed pretty much non stop. And the date was laughing and talking non stop. We were the last people in the restaurant to leave. And we continued to sit in the car and talk. And then he took me to meet his parents. Really. Seriously.  So…. maybe I had to use a restroom (way too much water at the restaurant…) and maybe he parents live close by and it was that or a gas station. But – it’s funnier to just say he took me to meet his parents on our first date.

A Few Days After That...

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Viddy Is The Luckiest Man On the Earth

Just so people know, I’m totally and utterly in love with Stephanie. She has enriched my life beyond what I could have ever imagined. Each moment I find that I wish I could be close to her and share it with her.

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