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We had a relatively quiet Thanksgiving. We didn’t travel, we stayed home and made our yummy food. We did an easy turkey breast in the crock-pot. We still had all the sides and were quite stuffed by the end of the meal… and then the next day and the next day.


Ezra took one bite of cheesecake and gagged and then shuddered when it went down finally. Apparently he isn’t a fan of cheesecake.


He really just ate the cranberry sauce, nothing else of what was cooked

Sabrina in front of our Thankfulness tree

Sabrina in front of our Thankfulness tree

Dave’s parents came for a short visit on Friday, the kids both love having their grandparents visit. Sabrina loves that someone is here that is happy to pay her more attention.


She is happy to be sitting and reading with Grammy

On Friday we decided to officially ring in the Christmas season an...

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1 year!!!

Ezra is ONE!

He still enjoys the occasional snuggle

He is very mobile – enjoying walking all over the place, but he still loves to be cuddled (for short periods of time).

He loves some books. He loves climbing in baskets, eating the foods he likes, toys, pulling all the shoes out of the shoe basket, the cats, music, Duplos, dancing and clapping, and his pacifiers.

He dislikes vegetables, being hungry or tired, being trapped in the stroller, being told no, or just generally being restricted in his movement.

Showing love by squishing

To review his mobility milestones:
Crawling: 4 months
Sitting: 5-6 months
Standing: 7 months
Walking: 10 months
Climbing: 11 months

And he FINALLY got 2 teeth at 10 months.

At 7 months we ended up in the ER because he had a skull fracture...

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One Hundred

In honor of the 100th blog post, here are 100 things you may not have known (or ever cared to know) about us.


1. Favorite Food: Tacos, pizza and anything with peanut butter

2. Favorite Color: Green

3. Favorite Destination: Wyoming or Dublin

4. He snores

5. He has watches all seven seasons of the West Wing at least 20 times

6. He’s watched Firefly at least 5 times

7. He has more clothes than Fannie, including a shirt he’s had since the 6th grade (It doesn’t really fit)

8. He has read almost all the Star Wars books

9. Viddy has eaten corn tortilla cheese quesadillas for 12 meals straight. Until Fannie intervened.

10. He goes to work in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. When he has to video conference he dresses nice from the waist up and does his hair


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Lulu’s 21 months: Love & Hate

The fun, tantrumming, learning, growing, picky eating, opinionated toddler-ness is in full force.

Miss Lulu is full of opinions. Mostly involving the word, “NO.” And she believes we, her parents, are psychic and know that she wants this particular sock on her hand in this particular way. Or that the frog puppet is supposed to turn the pages, not me.

She is learning learning learning! She is quite the little sponge – learning letters, sounds, counting, shapes, new books, new ways to imagine and play – most of her imaginative play involves food and her stuffed animals.


1. Bath Time- Dave or I just have to say the word bath and it will send Lulu in a frenzy of excited signing, saying, “BATH!!!!! BATH!!!!!!!” over and over and pulling us toward the stairs as fast as possible...

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Lulu’s Milestones

Almost 10 months and our very active, happy baby is happily doing everything she’s supposed to do.

Crawling: About a week ago Lulu started to inchworm places. She would bring up her knees and propel herself forward – stopping herself from face planting with her hands. And then she does it again and again and again. And sure enough, she slowly gets where she wants. Today she figured out the alternating hands/knees crawl. And then I took a moment and looked around and realized that I need to BABYPROOF. I’m seeing my house in a whole new light – I’m seeing every single safety hazard! AHHHHH! Other than cupboard locks, baby gates, and outlet covers – any other suggestions??

She also loves to stand and pivot back and forth from parent to toy...

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Christmas Letter

To all our family and friends, real and imaginary:

2011 has been quite the year for us. You could say that Viddy and I became official grown-ups. Although we are still waiting for the official letter from the government.

Viddy continues to show that life grades on a curve (take your own meaning from that).  He’s working for an amazing company that indulges his inner-nerd while working with a team that he really enjoys. Home ownership has allowed Viddy to exercise his inner-handy man, sometimes much to his wife’s surprise.   Growing grass seems to be a challenge worthy of someone that has a middle name that indicates an occupation in the field of horticulture. Other worthy pursuits include messing with the cat, teasing Fannie, and tossing Lulu in the air...

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Family Names

Naming a child is kind of a big deal.

Viddy and I decided that for our children, we would use family names for middle names. Lulu is a nickname from Sweet BabyGirl’s middle name, Louise.

Louise is my grandma’s (on my dad’s side) middle name. And it’s the feminine form of my grandpa’s (on my mother’s-side) name.

Four years ago, my grandpa passed away. Suddenly and unexpectedly. From a brain aneurysm.

Four years ago, I held my grandpa’s hand and told him I loved him and would miss him before they took him off life support.

Grief is hard and terrible and just plain unhappy to deal with. When my grandpa passed away I questioned everything I believed about death and what happens after this life.

I miss my grandpa...

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Sweet 16

Two days ago my little sister, known as Auntie Em Auntie Em to Lulu, turned 16.

And today she gets her driver’s license!


How did I get that old?!?!

I mean- Happy Birthday to my sister!

Auntie Em and Me













Yes, we’re goofy together. Disregard my totally whacked out smile. In this picture, I was still on prescription pain killers from the c-section.

Now that Auntie Em is driving that means that she can drive ME around whenever I go and visit! YEAH! ((Happy Dance))

LOVE YOU, SISTER! You da bestest.

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We got a crib!! Finally! After much grief from Amazon we FINALLY got our crib, generously given to us by Viddy’s parents.

And the nursery slowly begins to come together. I now have some picture frames from Michael’s that were on super sale ($4 each! Woo!) and Viddy and I can make an overdue trip to Costco to print photos. And sometime before Lulu actually sleeps in her room – it will be finished. Right now she sleeps in a pack-n-play in our room. And as long as she’s waking up once (or twice or three times, depending on the night) between 2-6 am, she’ll be sleeping in our room.

Last week, Lulu took her first plane trip and we took our first family vacation to California!

Traveling with a baby makes life a lot more complicated...

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