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Gluten and a Muffin Recipe

Celiac Disease: an autoimmune disorder that makes my body attack itself when I eat Gluten.

Gluten: the protein found in wheat, barley, and rye that makes dough stretchy and bendy and chewy.

Cross-Contamination: the unintentional mixing or touching of ingredients that are naturally gluten free with those that have gluten (For example, the dried apricots from Costco – processed with wheat, don’t ask my why. Or mixing a batch of gluten free cookies with a mixer that has been used with wheat dough and has crevices for wheat to hide and sneak out and contaminate my cookies and make my stomach hurt.)

The problem: Any amount of gluten can trigger a ‘reaction’. Reactions can be anything from bloated general ickiness to puking to a couple days of unhappiness and lactose intolerance...

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Planned Parenting: Not What You Think

Now, wait one minute, no one is pregnant.  There are no gluten free buns in the oven.  We’re not baby booty shopping.  When I say “planned parenting”, I’m talking about parenting ideas that Steph and I get when we’re talking about being parents someday.  Some of them come out rather amusing and some of them come off rather naive.  We thought we’d post some of them for your enjoyment.  FYI, the dumb or goofball ones are usually mine, and the smart, intelligent ones are Steph’s.  This will be a running series.

Not Enough Talk, And Too Much Kissing Action

We were discussing what we would do if we found our teenage children someday making out with their significant hormonal other...

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