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Baby Wishes

I’m a pregnant Family’s Nurse Practitioner student who wants to specialize in women’s health, particularly specializing with couples who have struggles conceiving a baby.

I’ve always been interested in infertility management/treatment/diagnosis. Ever since I was in high school and my gyn started throwing around the word “endometriosis.” And even more so in college when I had that word confirmed (I have the pictures of my uterus to prove it – but I’ll spare you). My uterus and I have a complicated relationship, involving (in the past) lots of pain pills, microwave heat packs, and strong words.

Any research you do about endometriosis links it to infertility. I had that not-so-little grey cloud trailing me around from when I was 17 till recently (even though I tried not to dwell on it)...

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In which I plead and beg… while on a Soap Box

Dearest family, friends, neighbors, citizens, and human beings,

Eat More Vegetables. Not cookies, fast food that doesn’t decompose, or breaded deep fried things. Not Snickers bars, pickled things, or Hungry Man frozen dinners. Not ice cream, hamburgers, oreos, or white rice.

Vegetables. Roasted squash with parmesan, steamed carrots with honey and pepper, sauteed spinach with garlic, sweet potatoes, legumes, cucumbers drizzled lightly with Italien dressing. Asparagus roasted with balsamic vinegar. Zucchini sauteed with soy sauce and garlic.

Pound for Pound, vegetables are cheaper than meat. And you will live longer.

Meat is good, Carbs are good. Fat is good and necessary. Fruit is wonderful. Vegetables will help you live a long and healthy life...

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