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Introducing … a Kitten!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Come one, come all. I introduce to you a live cuteoverload.com! Soft pink nose, fluffy and soft fur, adorable pouncing! Right here in North Carolina!

Why a kitten?

Well…. I like kittens/cats/animals/furry things. We found a low-allergen breed of cat (the Siberian). They are also very active, playful, loving, affectionate, athletic and all other good things found in kitties. I like dogs as well, but the time and energy they need to be healthy… we just couldn’t provide. After 2 days we were comfortable letting the kitten wander around the entire house without any worries of him destroying anything. Puppies…. need a little bit more time than that.

Our kitten, Teddy, has adjusted well to his new home. He likes sleeping, pouncing, chasing his toys, and being with us. He follows us to whatever room we go to. When we leave he stands at the door and cries for about 10 minutes. He loves being brushed – He’ll lie down and then flip over to make sure he’s brushed everywhere. We are also the new owners of a variety of scratching posts. We are training him that these posts are better than the love seat (thankfully he has no interest in scratching the leather couch!). We are also working on don’t-jump-on-the-counters.

He’s learning to play fetch. He hides his toys under the rug in the living room – on purpose. He also enjoys batting the same toys under the oven, and then standing there looking at the oven and at us- meowing – wondering when we’re going to get it for him so he can do it again.

Check out his huge paws. He’s going to be a big cat...

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