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I’ve been kind of neglecting the blog lately.

Something about midterms. And papers. And more midterms. And more papers.

And a sick baby.

Sick babies are so sad. And I see lots at the clinic. But my own sick baby is particularly sad. Baby colds are worse than man-colds. And Viddy will be the first to admit that man-colds are REALLY bad. (What is it about a man-cold that makes it seem, to the man, that the entire world is collapsing into a pit of darkness, dispair, and awfulness?)


Life here in the R household has been full of colds and schoolwork.

And my bloggy motivation has been lacking.

I will get a halloween post up. Lulu was adorable in her dinosaur costume. And I *may* just have to put her back into her costume to get a good picture showcasing the amazing costume. Oh well šŸ™‚

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Judge Less, Be Civil More

I love this video. It’s an excellent reminder of how we can make a difference. It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.

I need to be better about judging others. I always see people in need on the roads, begging for money, food, work. Sometimes I get cynical and wonder if they really need it. Sometimes I blame their own laziness. Sometimes I wonder if I gave them anything if they would use it for drugs or alcohol. Sometimes I feel guilty for not rolling down my window and helping with the pocket change or few dollar bills I carry with me.

I feel very blessed to have a home. To be going to graduate school. For my home to still be standing after all the tornado destruction these past couple of weeks. I have much to be thankful for...

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Responsibilities and such

It’s Finals Week. And I’ve already mentally checked out of school. Because once I’m done with school I get to delve into preparing for Miss Lulu full time. And I get to have a baby shower. And I get to see lots of family. And then I FINALLY get to meet the little squirt that’s been kicking me in my liver for the past week and a half. And then the real adventure begins.

But I still have one mini-test and one REALLY BIG COMPREHENSIVE test before I should check out…. So today I got my craft on (for reasons I’ll disclose later in this post), caught up on a bunch of blogs I’ve never read before, facebooked, showered, ate some leftovers…. I logged onto Blackboard, if that counts for anything...

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How Chocolate Milk Saves My Life (Sometimes)

I have heartburn.

Sometimes. It’s not constant, but it’ll creep up on me every few days. And the spicier the food – the worse it can be. And by spicy I mean Pace Salsa a.k.a. ketchup. It’s not terrible heartburn – I know some people get worse hearburn…. but it sure can be MIGHTY uncomfortable.

I don’t really want to take medication for it. Medically, know one really knows what medications will/can do to babies in utero (except for Tylenol, which has the OK stamp, but it’s kind of useless)… so I try and avoid medications unless I’m desperate. I tried one all natural remedy. Apparently, for some people, apple cider vinegar is a heartburn cure. Some people drink it straight. Some people dilute a tablespoon in some water. I tried it. It made me want to throw up. I couldn’t even finish it...

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I realized that I haven’t really put very many pregnancy photos up. Something about school…. excuse, excuse, excuse.

And maybe because I’m finicky about the pictures I put on public places – just blame my innerĀ insecureĀ 14 year old.

And maybe because I can’t figure out where to put my laptop. On top of my belly? Below the baby bump? No matter where I put my computer Little Miss Lulu goes into a kicking fit if the computer is even just slightly pressing against my belly/Lulu’s Home.

So, while my child is discovering the joys of kicking my diaphragm while simultaneously trying to dislodge my computer I’m going to post some pictures and captions.

“How many more weeks???”

“I love my kankles. Really.”

“Heartburn is the best.”

“I really do like being p...

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Comparing Childhoods

I’m very curious to see what kind of personality this little active baby of mine will have. Talking to husband-o-mine and comparing how we were as children has been very interesting and entertaining. I thought I’d share some of the stories.

Fannie: I was very shy as a child. Painfully shy. I would hide when people I didn’t know came over. Or if I didn’t hide, I just wouldn’t talk to them. My parents would have me do things like get napkins in a fast food place to break me out of my shell. I stayed shy until I started theater in high school.

Viddy: I pretended like I was shy, but had no problem walking up to Vice President Dan Quayle with grass stains all over my pants...

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