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Lulu Stories – The Flying Tree

– told by Lulu, while in the car

I want you to make me potion for my friends!

(What is the potion for?)

The potion will make the trees fly! Jesus is going to give us the potion!

(The trees will fly?)

Yes! The trees are going to fly and fly and fly, higher and higher!

(Where are the trees going to go?)

The tree is going to fly to our house.

(Is the tree going to eat dinner with us?)

No! We’re going to get home and go inside and the tree is going to be playing inside and we’re going to be like, “WHAT?”



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Conversations with a 2.75 year old

Driving into church yesterday:

Lulu: I got married.

Me and Viddy: Um…. to who?

Lulu: I got married at the temple with Mommy and Daddy.

Right after getting home from work:

Viddy: I’m going to go up stairs to change, you can stay down here.

Lulu: NO! I watch a show!!

Viddy: Yes, just sit down and watch your show.

Lulu: NO! I stand!

Viddy: Ok. you can stand.

Lulu: NO! I sit over here, Dad! I sit over here.

Viddy (backing up the stairs slowly): Ok. Ok.

While reading her “born” book (her shutterfly book I made right after she was born):

Lulu (pointing to Mimi (grandma)): Look! It’s my sister!

Me: Your sister??

Lulu: Just kidding, it’s Mimi.

Tonight at bedtime:

Lulu (pointing to the picture of Jesus): Jesus loves me?

Me: Yes, Jesus loves you, and Mommy and Daddy love you.

Lulu: I’m in Jesu...

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Story Time

For bedtime, Lulu and I have a little routine. It involves reading books, singing songs, laying her in bed and then singing Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Tonight, as we were sitting in the rocking chair together I decided to tell her a story. So, I told her the super simplified version of Noah and the Ark.

Me: Can I tell you a story?

Lulu: Stor-eeeeeeee!

Me: This story is about a man named Noah.

Lulu: No Bah?

Me: God told Noah he had to gather animals.


Me: So, he found sheep.

Lulu: Baaaaaaaaaaah!

Me: and horses.

Lulu: Baaah!

Me: and zebras

Lulu: zeeeeeeeeeeeee

Me: and bees.

Lulu: Bee! (With the sign)

Me: and camels

Lulu: (spits)

Me: and fish (I know, I know, I just kept naming things, ok?)

Lulu: (fish face)

Me: and Noah put all the animals on a boat

Lulu: boooot!

Me: and then it ra...

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Day by day….

Monday’s were never my favorite. Especially Monday’s where I wake up feeling like my cranium is going to explode with sinus yuckiness. Thankfully, little Lulu isn’t so fond of Monday’s either and she decided to sleep until 9:20. She’s been under the weather, so I didn’t want to wake her (and let’s be honest – I didn’t want to wake up either).

So today has been a lazy day. I’m staying in my pajamas. No make-up. Sabrina’s in a I-still-need-to-do-some-laundry outfit.

The blender exploded this morning. And by exploded, I mean it exploded it’s contents. User Error. It was a combination of top-not-on-right and not paying attention. Right after the explosion, Viddy opens the door after running an errand. And he gets to see large splotches of green fruit smoothie EVERYWHERE...

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Lulu’s 21 months: Love & Hate

The fun, tantrumming, learning, growing, picky eating, opinionated toddler-ness is in full force.

Miss Lulu is full of opinions. Mostly involving the word, “NO.” And she believes we, her parents, are psychic and know that she wants this particular sock on her hand in this particular way. Or that the frog puppet is supposed to turn the pages, not me.

She is learning learning learning! She is quite the little sponge – learning letters, sounds, counting, shapes, new books, new ways to imagine and play – most of her imaginative play involves food and her stuffed animals.


1. Bath Time- Dave or I just have to say the word bath and it will send Lulu in a frenzy of excited signing, saying, “BATH!!!!! BATH!!!!!!!” over and over and pulling us toward the stairs as fast as possible...

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Love and Hate: 15 month edition


1. Books. She loves all books, and she wants them read to her over and over and over and over and over again. I’m glad she has a love of reading – I just wish she would choose the less annoying books to want to read repeatedly. Sometimes books may “disapear” for a little bit just to get it out of her eyesight. Her favorites books right now are: Spot’s Opposites, Take Me to the Zoo, Moo Baa LaLaLa, and My First Spanish Words. (Viddy likes to make fun of me when I read the Spanish word book because I completely butcher the language, usually I just tell her what the picture is in English to save myself from pronouncing things wrong).

2. Animals Sounds. Lulu is an animal sounds sponge. I’ve had to get kind of creative with some animals – like the starfish, zebra, and crab...

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Lulu’s Milestones

Almost 10 months and our very active, happy baby is happily doing everything she’s supposed to do.

Crawling: About a week ago Lulu started to inchworm places. She would bring up her knees and propel herself forward – stopping herself from face planting with her hands. And then she does it again and again and again. And sure enough, she slowly gets where she wants. Today she figured out the alternating hands/knees crawl. And then I took a moment and looked around and realized that I need to BABYPROOF. I’m seeing my house in a whole new light – I’m seeing every single safety hazard! AHHHHH! Other than cupboard locks, baby gates, and outlet covers – any other suggestions??

She also loves to stand and pivot back and forth from parent to toy...

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Love and Hate: 8 month edition

Lulu is growing and showing more and more of her personality. She has also been quite clear about what she likes and doesn’t like.

Technically, she’s not 8 months for another week. But I say it’s close enough for this post.


Love, or Obsession

1. Teddy – unfortunately for our fluffy feline, Lulu LOVES him. If love translates into grabbing, pulling, and wanting to chomp on. Poor kitty. Lulu barrel rolls toward the kitty, reaches for the kitty, laughs whenever the kitty comes close. I won’t be surprised if her first word is some form of kitty. She sounds like she says “Geegee” or “Kiki” sometimes.

Lulu showing her 'love' for Teddy. Thankfully, Teddy puts up with it.

2. Hair – as in pulling and trying to eat...

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Four Months

Four months and two days ago Lulu entered our lives. And I love her more than words can express. She is my light and happiness. All my hopes and dreams. My favorite part of any day. Her prescense fills me with a bursting kind of joy.

And I had no clue how encompassing it would be until she was in my life. I could sort of understand it, but not really understand in my heart- until she was here.

At first, after they cut her out of me and showed me her purply squished gooey screaming face, there was just a sense of surrealness. Then there was the sleep-deprived stupor that permeated my existence those first few weeks. There was the beautiful closeness of breastfeeding- of giving her the best thing I could make- literally.

Then there was awareness...

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Face Palm

Face Palm: smacking one’s face (usually forehead) with the palm of one’s hand, demonstrating feelings of frustration or exasperation in oneself or others.

Well, what i did today deserves a GINORMOUS face palm.

It all started because I was doing something nice. I was doing my visiting teaching. Well, kind of. I was dropping off muffins to one of the ladies I visit teach. They were homemade banana flax muffins. And they were very good, if I do say so. She may have gotten just 10, instead of a full dozen….

Anyway. I popped Miss Lulu into her carseat, drove over to drop off the muffins and introduce myself. I even put on a bra. And make-up. I know. Shock. And Awe. I had never met the woman, I wanted her to meet put-together-Fannie, not the grungy-lazy-dark-circles-under-eyes-Fannie...

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