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Sleep Training

Ahhhh. The great battle of getting a baby to sleep.

She loves holding onto her muslin blankets to sleep

I’m using this book to establish good sleep habits for Lulu (Thanks, Marcia!!). And it has been right on for where Lulu is developmentally each step of the way. So our ‘sleep training’ process has been gradual.

Get Lulu to fall asleep on her own (check-ish)

Motionless, ocean-sound infused, calm sleep (check)

Consistent Sleep Space (check)

Early bed time – 6.30-7 pm (check)

Regular wake-up time- 7-7.30 am (check)

Regular naps……… well….. we’re working on it.

She hasn’t been sleeping through the night, but as far as I understand, that doesn’t happen for awhile for some babies. Miss Lulu wakes up once around 4 am to eat. Sometimes twice at 2 am and then 5 am.


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Pink Overload

Pink is overtaking my life. Pink clothes. Pink shoes. Pink pacifiers.

I feel like all babygirl stuff is pink pink pink pinkalicious with a side of pink.

Some clothing isn’t all pink. But I have maybe two articles of baby girl clothing that don’t have pink somewhere!

Today I am saying no to pink. But then I am conflicted (it happens a lot, it’s because I’m a Gemini…. or am I??). When I go somewhere I want people to know Lulu is a little girl. And I want her to be dressed cute. And so many cute babygirl clothes are pink.

I don’t think Lulu has an opinion on the matter – so today I dressed her in what I wanted. A embroidered top, and navy blue leggings, brown bow. Notice, that the top still has pink, just limited. I’ll let her keep her pink pacifiers, I guess.

Lulu says: I don't care what I ...

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Lulu’s First Day of School

The first day of school is so important to document.

The Very Important First Day of School Outfit, complete with binkie

The backpack. School Supplies. So much learning and growth.

We decided that since Lulu is incredibly advanced and pretty much the smartest baby ever, we’re skipping the regular school and going straight to 2nd year graduate school.


Ok. So, my babysitting plans got a little side railed and Lulu went to class with me.

Question: How many hands do you need to carry a baby, diaper bag, backpack and stroller?

Answer: More than you’re born with.

I couldn’t take the stroller on the bus with the baby in it. But I needed the stroller for Lulu while I was bee-bopping around to class. And my backpack keeps my computer and school stuff...

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M&Ms and Adele


Screaming like someone is ripping your leg off when all the nice doctor is trying to do is get an ultrasound of your hip just isn’t working. Two months ago, during the weekend from heck, you had a lumbar puncture done and you didn’t scream this much. You refused your pacifier. And then, after it was all done, you didn’t even want to nurse. You just kept screaming.  I really can’t handle all the screaming, especially since you decided to be awake every 2-3 hours last night wanting to eat.

I get it – it’s uncomfortable. But you should really save your good screaming for when needles are involved. Or for when someone is trying to abduct you. For the sweet love.

-Your Momma

(The ultrasound was part of a routine screening process to check for hip dysplasia, since she was a breech baby –...

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I love Lulu’s cute face. And her cheeks. And her chub chub arms and legs.

I love seeing her wake up and look up at me and smile.

It makes my day. It makes all those grouchy feelings I have at 3 am become absolutely insignificant. It’s like all the love I’ve ever felt rushes up and makes me just burst with happiness. I love my sweet girl.

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Finally I’m getting around to posting about Lulu’s Blessing Day. It ended the weekend of the hospital stay. Viddy’s parents, sister and grandpa, and my dad and step-mom and two of my siblings all came into town. My mom, sister, and cousin were already here.

I had planned on everyone coming over on Saturday night for dinner… but that plan was thwarted by the hospital stay. Instead all of the visiting family got to visit us in our hospital room. Sunday morning around 11 we were released and got to go home and prepare for the party!

Originally her baby blessing was supposed to be in church… church that started at 9 am. Thankfully we arranged it so that we could do it at home. And it was wonderful. It was a fabulous end to a very very stressful weekend...

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Fevers, Hospitals, and more Sleep Deprivation

This last weekend was… interesting.

Do you know what happens when a baby under a month old gets a fever? Nothing good.

Some of Wednesday and all of Thursday, Lulu felt warm to me. But our air conditioning wasn’t working – so our house was about 80 degrees. I initially thought she was just too warm because of the room temperature. All of thursday I kept her stripped down to her diaper and as lightly wrapped as possible. I took her temp in the morning and it was elevated, but not fever status. At about 10 pm she was still warm and I took her temp and she had officially moved to fever status. After talking with the pediatrician and retaking her temp – we went to the local emergency department.

When babies are very young and have a fever they get a full work-up. Blood draws. IV...

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