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Christmas, in pictures, not in any sensical order

Stockings. Socks. Same thing.


Christmas tree and nativity

This is how it works, right?

Catching up with friends, the kids did great at the restaurant

Panda at the zoo

Lulu saw another kid sit on it, so she had to do it, too


Christmas morning is the BEST

Zoo! It was chilly.

Look, Mom! It’s mouth is open!

“I promise, I’m not going to hit you with this, Uncle J.”

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I love Lulu’s cute face. And her cheeks. And her chub chub arms and legs.

I love seeing her wake up and look up at me and smile.

It makes my day. It makes all those grouchy feelings I have at 3 am become absolutely insignificant. It’s like all the love I’ve ever felt rushes up and makes me just burst with happiness. I love my sweet girl.

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