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Ezra’s Birth Story

His birth story actually starts 3.5 years before, with his sister’s. Sabrina was a surprise breech baby (head down on Thursday, water broke Friday morning and they told me she was breech at the hospital). And therefore a c/section. So making the decision for Ezra’s labor and delivery wasn’t easy. I know all the stats and risks for doing a trial of labor, c/section, and a long labor ending in a c/section. Eventually, I decided I would pick a day for a repeat c/section and then I talked to Heavenly Father and said (more or less), “OK, here’s the day. If doing a TOL (trial of labor) or VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) is in Your plan for me, it needs to happen before this day. If a c/section is the better option, that’s great, then here is the day...

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Pros and Cons of Pregnancy


1. Nausea (-10 points)
2. Headaches (-10 points)
3. Needing to drink crazy insane amounts of water (-5 points)
4. Because of #3 and a growing baby – needing to use a bathroom every 4 minutes (-15 points)
5. Almost passing out, at BugFest, in the shower, standing up, etc. It hasn’t actually happened, everything just goes dim and my hearing dims, and then I sit down. This whole increasing blood volume, borderline dehydration thing is cramping my style. (-20 points)


1. Emotional stability – seriously, strangely I’m more emotionally stable during pregnancy than with the monthly ups and downs that I usually deal with (+30 points)
2. Snacking anytime I want, even at 11:30 pm (+5 points)
3. Babies are easier to take care of inside instead of outside (+20 points)

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The Cupcake Reveal Reality

Since I am both envious of Pinterest crafts and inherently lazy, I decided to make cupcakes and fill just 4. The idea was for Lulu to be surprised and excited to find blue inside her cupcakes and realize she was going to have a little brother and then we’d have a lot of adorable pictures to commemorate this event.


Viddy and I explained to a very anxious-for-cupcake 3-year-old that if there was pink or blue inside the cupcake then it corresponded to the sex of her little sibling. We got out of respective video devices so we could be ready for the BIG moment.

We gave her the cupcake after dinner. And she ate it very slowly. Nibbling here and there. We had to encourage her to take bigger bites.

FINALLY, she made it to the center. And we asked her, “What color is it?”


Lulu: “Um…. Nothing…”


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Happy Birthday!

Little Miss Lulu was born Memorial Day weekend!

Summary: I wanted to go into labor. I ate some spicy food. My water broke at 5 something in the morning. I ate breakfast. I went to the hospital – and little Miss trouble maker was breech (bum down, instead of head down…). We watched episodes of Lost while we waited for the c-section. She was born at 3.51 in the afternoon!

Continue reading for the FULL account.

I joked with Viddy that I practically willed her to come when she did. It would be perfect. He would have a 3 day weekend and then a shortened work week. He could take some time off and then work from home half days and then we’d have another weekend. Since he hasn’t worked at his company long enough to get paternity leave – it would be great, right?

Well, on Thursday I went to my regu...

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It only makes sense to write a post titled ‘insomnia’ at 5 am. I’ve already been awake for45 minutes. Lying in bed…. waiting for sleep to come…. I’ve already checked my email, and facebook, and google reader. And this is after waking up 5 times in the middle of the night to pee. And of course Little Miss Lulu is usually awake at this time rolling and kicking and stretching out (or trying).

Viddy is upstairs sleeping. Probably snoring. The kitty is keeping me company – he’s purring like a car motor – probably just happy someone else is awake.

I decided to either write a blog post… or fold laundry. Guess what won?

We went to the hospital tour last night. Viddy enjoyed it because he learned a little bit more about what to expect. I enjoyed it because I got to hospital compare...

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How Chocolate Milk Saves My Life (Sometimes)

I have heartburn.

Sometimes. It’s not constant, but it’ll creep up on me every few days. And the spicier the food – the worse it can be. And by spicy I mean Pace Salsa a.k.a. ketchup. It’s not terrible heartburn – I know some people get worse hearburn…. but it sure can be MIGHTY uncomfortable.

I don’t really want to take medication for it. Medically, know one really knows what medications will/can do to babies in utero (except for Tylenol, which has the OK stamp, but it’s kind of useless)… so I try and avoid medications unless I’m desperate. I tried one all natural remedy. Apparently, for some people, apple cider vinegar is a heartburn cure. Some people drink it straight. Some people dilute a tablespoon in some water. I tried it. It made me want to throw up. I couldn’t even finish it...

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I realized that I haven’t really put very many pregnancy photos up. Something about school…. excuse, excuse, excuse.

And maybe because I’m finicky about the pictures I put on public places – just blame my inner insecure 14 year old.

And maybe because I can’t figure out where to put my laptop. On top of my belly? Below the baby bump? No matter where I put my computer Little Miss Lulu goes into a kicking fit if the computer is even just slightly pressing against my belly/Lulu’s Home.

So, while my child is discovering the joys of kicking my diaphragm while simultaneously trying to dislodge my computer I’m going to post some pictures and captions.

“How many more weeks???”

“I love my kankles. Really.”

“Heartburn is the best.”

“I really do like being p...

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How I ended up in Labor and Delivery…. earlier than planned

Wednesday began like any other wednesday. I was STILL recovering from jet lag from my super awesome fun crazy wedding weekend in Utah. Yes, the Humanitarian Major got married. So of course I had to go. And then I made sure I was there long enough to see a bunch of friends. And then I had a red eye flight back and played the game “don’t get kankles” rather unsuccessfully. (By the way, kankles, as defined by Urban dictionary, is where one’s calf turns into a foot without taking an ankle break).


Where was I? Oh yes, Labor and Delivery and how I ended up there.

Wednesday morning I noticed something strange. Something I haven’t felt in many months – what felt like early cramps. And my tummy seemed unusually tight sometimes. So I did what any good nurse would do – I ignored it...

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Baby Wishes

I’m a pregnant Family’s Nurse Practitioner student who wants to specialize in women’s health, particularly specializing with couples who have struggles conceiving a baby.

I’ve always been interested in infertility management/treatment/diagnosis. Ever since I was in high school and my gyn started throwing around the word “endometriosis.” And even more so in college when I had that word confirmed (I have the pictures of my uterus to prove it – but I’ll spare you). My uterus and I have a complicated relationship, involving (in the past) lots of pain pills, microwave heat packs, and strong words.

Any research you do about endometriosis links it to infertility. I had that not-so-little grey cloud trailing me around from when I was 17 till recently (even though I tried not to dwell on it)...

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Active Baby Lulu

Note: Lulu will not be my child’s name. This is an in-utero nickname. It may or may not have something to do with what her name will be. I’m not telling. But she does have a name picked out. Again, I’m not telling- mostly because I don’t want to hear about so-and-so’s cousin’s boyfriend’s sister who had that name and was skanky or bossy or mean or crazy or whatever. So to prevent any kind of unwanted commentation – no one knows what her name is going to be. Except me. And my husband. All ya’ll will just have to wait until she’s born. Just 15-16 more weeks (unless she comes early… HA, not likely).

Little Miss Lulu is quite active. At 22 weeks I was ‘seeing’ her move. And the movement has just gotten stronger and stronger and more regular. Nighttime is her favorite to move...

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