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Rules for My (In-Utero) Daughter

Have you seen the blog Rules for my Unborn Son?

Hilarious. And Awesome.

You should click the link.

He made a Rules for my unborn daughter mini-list HERE.

But I wanted to make my own list. Most of these are applicable to sons as well, just so you know. But some aren’t – like the one about bras.

Rules for My (In-Utero) Daughter

1) Smile often.

2) Jeans and a t-shirt are always good choices.

3) Let men open the door for you. Not because you can’t open the door for yourself, but to let him do something nice for you.

4) You’ll never be too old for Disney movies.

5) Read. Read. Read. Read. Read.

6) Never gossip.

7) More make-up isn’t better. Unless you’re on stage- then layer it on thick.

.8) A good pair of shoes goes a long way.

9) When you can, pop your own popcorn and use melted butter.

10) S...

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Sweet, Spice, and Everything Nice

On New Years’ Eve I had the opportunity to go to this lovely place called Womb with a View (THANKS MOM!). The WHOLE family went. 1 father-to-be, 1 momma-to-be, 3 grandparents-to-be, 3 great-grandparents-to-be, and 5 Aunts/Uncles-to-be. I got to be on the most comfortable ultrasound table ever – warm, supportive, soft flannel covering. Much better than the usual exam room table/modified dental chair experience.

The little wiggly one was very cooperative and not the least bit shy. I had the advantage in the room since I’ve seen many ultrasounds and and can ‘see’ what is going on. The ultrasound tech had a good shot and I knew the gender. It was obvious. We’ll work on modesty with the little one later.

The baby is most definitely a GIRL. And wiggly...

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KFC fried Chicken

Bagels with LOTs of cream cheese


Corn Pops Cereal

English Muffins

There is one thing all of the above have in common: Gluten.

Gluten is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad for me. Very bad. For the past almost 4 years I’ve eaten gluten free I really haven’t had any problems with ‘craving’ gluten. Sometimes I miss things: like danishes and donuts and just buying regular bread from a regular grocery store, but it really hasn’t been too bad. I’ve adjusted well. I eat more healthy and I have fun baking new things.

Insert hormone-fest known as pregnancy. Hormones control cravings. My hormones are all sorts of out of whack. I cry at 30% of the country songs on the radio. And I crave gluten...

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Unofficial Poll

How do you feel about asking a random pregnant woman if her pregnancy was planned?

A: Depends on the situation

B: I have a right to know these things about peoples lives

C: None of my business

I’m sure you’ve noticed that you can’t actually click on one of the above options. Because my desire to actually know what your opinion is has been balanced with me figuring out how to put a poll on this blog. And my laziness won. I know, I’m a terrible terrible heartless person.

Dave and I both have been asked on many many occasions whether this pregnancy was planned or not. We’ve been asked by family and close friends (which I don’t care about sharing things with) and by strangers¬†and random classmates (problem).

Here’s my unasked for opinion on the matter.

Unless we are close enough that we can t...

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Eventful, Life

How many major life changed can we cram in a short time?

Well… let’s see:

1) Meet, Date, Get Engaged, Get Married: Mormon Style (a.k.a. this takes less than three years, for us from start to marriage was 7 months – and yes, we’re very happy)

2) Move multiple times (I moved into Dave’s apartment, we moved to NC with friends and put all of our stuff in storage, then move into our sparkly house)

3) Buy a house (pictures will be coming)

4) Get a lifetime pet (Our new kitty, Toby, will be joining us in January. He’s a Siberian.)

5) Change Wards four times. (Meet some new people, meet some new people again, and meet some new people AGAIN). Oh and to interpret for those who are not members of the same church as me, a Ward is a group of members of my church that is organized geographically...

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