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One Month

Ezra is 4 weeks today! He survived all the snow and snow events – like getting home from the hospital in another snowstorm and our power going out for 12 hours due to yet another snow/ice storm. Hopefully, the cold is behind us and spring will be here soon!


He has gone from 7 lbs 4 oz at birth to 10 lbs 6 oz. Apparently I don’t make milk, I make heavy cream. He eats every 3-4 hours, sometimes with a 4-5 hour stretch at night. He prefers to sleep flat and stretch his legs out, he doesn’t like the reclined newborn sleeper or having his legs swaddled up. He still gets swaddled at night to keep his arms from flaying about, but I don’t really swaddle him during the day and he does fine.

We’ve discovered that he’s very ticklish...

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Sleep Training

Ahhhh. The great battle of getting a baby to sleep.

She loves holding onto her muslin blankets to sleep

I’m using this book to establish good sleep habits for Lulu (Thanks, Marcia!!). And it has been right on for where Lulu is developmentally each step of the way. So our ‘sleep training’ process has been gradual.

Get Lulu to fall asleep on her own (check-ish)

Motionless, ocean-sound infused, calm sleep (check)

Consistent Sleep Space (check)

Early bed time – 6.30-7 pm (check)

Regular wake-up time- 7-7.30 am (check)

Regular naps……… well….. we’re working on it.

She hasn’t been sleeping through the night, but as far as I understand, that doesn’t happen for awhile for some babies. Miss Lulu wakes up once around 4 am to eat. Sometimes twice at 2 am and then 5 am.


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M&Ms and Adele


Screaming like someone is ripping your leg off when all the nice doctor is trying to do is get an ultrasound of your hip just isn’t working. Two months ago, during the weekend from heck, you had a lumbar puncture done and you didn’t scream this much. You refused your pacifier. And then, after it was all done, you didn’t even want to nurse. You just kept screaming.  I really can’t handle all the screaming, especially since you decided to be awake every 2-3 hours last night wanting to eat.

I get it – it’s uncomfortable. But you should really save your good screaming for when needles are involved. Or for when someone is trying to abduct you. For the sweet love.

-Your Momma

(The ultrasound was part of a routine screening process to check for hip dysplasia, since she was a breech baby –...

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Love & Hate

Things Lulu Loves:

1) The stupid giraffes

On her pack-n-play there is a ‘mobile.’ And by mobile I mean 3 ugly giraffes velcroed to a bar that attaches to her pack-n-play. And they don’t even have the decency to have a full smile. The stitched on smile only goes halfways… And she adores them. They are a muted orange color. She can’t even see the spots from her view point. And yet she saves some of her biggest smiles in the morning for the waving giraffes. I even use them to distract her into falling asleep – if she’s crying and sees the giraffes moving – she calms right down and just stares at them. And don’t be deceived, the picture makes the giraffes look cuter than they are.

2) Baths

Screaming, crying, tired, angry baby. Put in bath = calm, happy, excited baby...

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3 weeks of…


Sleeping in 2-4 hour bursts.

Swinging, Rocking, Bouncing, Patting.

Many many loads of laundry.


Mini clothes.

Incision pain.

Lots and Lots and Lots of Family help – I literally couldn’t not have stayed sane without it.


Hormone mood swing craziness.

Weight gain of 2.5 lbs for Little Lulu (She weighs 9 lb 5 oz today!!!!).

Weight loss of 20 lbs for me.

Bright wide blue eyes looking up at me.

Little fingers that wrap around mine.

Today, I realized that she recognizes me! Lulu was crying, getting her diaper changed before I nursed her. And my mom put her on the boppy on my lap and Lulu calmed down a little bit and looked at me and opened her mouth wide and said, “Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah” as she tried to wiggle closer to me...

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It only makes sense to write a post titled ‘insomnia’ at 5 am. I’ve already been awake for45 minutes. Lying in bed…. waiting for sleep to come…. I’ve already checked my email, and facebook, and google reader. And this is after waking up 5 times in the middle of the night to pee. And of course Little Miss Lulu is usually awake at this time rolling and kicking and stretching out (or trying).

Viddy is upstairs sleeping. Probably snoring. The kitty is keeping me company – he’s purring like a car motor – probably just happy someone else is awake.

I decided to either write a blog post… or fold laundry. Guess what won?

We went to the hospital tour last night. Viddy enjoyed it because he learned a little bit more about what to expect. I enjoyed it because I got to hospital compare...

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