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We had a relatively quiet Thanksgiving. We didn’t travel, we stayed home and made our yummy food. We did an easy turkey breast in the crock-pot. We still had all the sides and were quite stuffed by the end of the meal… and then the next day and the next day.


Ezra took one bite of cheesecake and gagged and then shuddered when it went down finally. Apparently he isn’t a fan of cheesecake.


He really just ate the cranberry sauce, nothing else of what was cooked

Sabrina in front of our Thankfulness tree

Sabrina in front of our Thankfulness tree

Dave’s parents came for a short visit on Friday, the kids both love having their grandparents visit. Sabrina loves that someone is here that is happy to pay her more attention.


She is happy to be sitting and reading with Grammy

On Friday we decided to officially ring in the Christmas season an...

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I’ve been kind of neglecting the blog lately.

Something about midterms. And papers. And more midterms. And more papers.

And a sick baby.

Sick babies are so sad. And I see lots at the clinic. But my own sick baby is particularly sad. Baby colds are worse than man-colds. And Viddy will be the first to admit that man-colds are REALLY bad. (What is it about a man-cold that makes it seem, to the man, that the entire world is collapsing into a pit of darkness, dispair, and awfulness?)


Life here in the R household has been full of colds and schoolwork.

And my bloggy motivation has been lacking.

I will get a halloween post up. Lulu was adorable in her dinosaur costume. And I *may* just have to put her back into her costume to get a good picture showcasing the amazing costume. Oh well 🙂

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