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Lulu’s First Day of School

The first day of school is so important to document.

The Very Important First Day of School Outfit, complete with binkie

The backpack. School Supplies. So much learning and growth.

We decided that since Lulu is incredibly advanced and pretty much the smartest baby ever, we’re skipping the regular school and going straight to 2nd year graduate school.


Ok. So, my babysitting plans got a little side railed and Lulu went to class with me.

Question: How many hands do you need to carry a baby, diaper bag, backpack and stroller?

Answer: More than you’re born with.

I couldn’t take the stroller on the bus with the baby in it. But I needed the stroller for Lulu while I was bee-bopping around to class. And my backpack keeps my computer and school stuff...

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Deception, Crankiness, and Small Town America

Driving from DC after our happy Thanksgiving break, Mr. Always-Drives and I decide that we need a break from the freeway. Dave needs caffeine, I want a milkshake = lets get off the road.

The freeway people are kind enough to post that on exit 345B there is a McDonalds. Perfect. Coke, milkshake, (moderately clean) bathroom: check.

We exit and are annoyed to find that the McDonalds is 3.6 miles away. Grumble. And we can’t turn around anywhere. More grumble.

So we keep driving and driving and driving, and finally get to the grease hole known as McD’s.
Bladders are relieved and we proceed to order our drinks.

And there isn’t any ice cream. Ok… Well, there is an Arby’s next door- so we go there to get a milkshake.
Again, there isn’t any ice cream...

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