The Cupcake Reveal Reality

Since I am both envious of Pinterest crafts and inherently lazy, I decided to make cupcakes and fill just 4. The idea was for Lulu to be surprised and excited to find blue inside her cupcakes and realize she was going to have a little brother and then we’d have a lot of adorable pictures to commemorate this event.


Viddy and I explained to a very anxious-for-cupcake 3-year-old that if there was pink or blue inside the cupcake then it corresponded to the sex of her little sibling. We got out of respective video devices so we could be ready for the BIG moment.

We gave her the cupcake after dinner. And she ate it very slowly. Nibbling here and there. We had to encourage her to take bigger bites.

FINALLY, she made it to the center. And we asked her, “What color is it?”


Lulu: “Um…. Nothing…”

Viddy: “What color is it??”

Lulu: “Um…… Blue?”

Me: “So is there a little brother or a little sister in my tummy?”

Lulu: “Little sister?”

(All the while she is happily munching away on her sugary cake filled with sugar)


Viddy: “There’s blue inside! That means there is a baby boy, a brother, in Mommy’s tummy.”

Lulu: “Oh, OK.” (Munch munch munch)

All in all… Slightly anticlimactic. But we did manage to get some good


And we are very excited to have a little boy around here. And I’m very happy to not have to do another mess of curly, tangly hair for awhile.