The start of 2014

I don’t have any formal goals for this year. Just some general goals to do more yoga and blog more.

Me, Lulu, and Aunt M crowded together in the back of the car, on the drive to Viddy’s family’s house

We just returned from a week vacation with Viddy’s family, both his grandpa’s, all his sisters and spouses. Lulu had a blast. Being the only greatgrand/grandchild around, she had plenty of people to entertain. There were dance parties with her aunts, a trip to the zoo, lots of candy and presents. A toddler’ s dream come true.

Nice? or Naughty?


Lulu definitely understood the whole present thing this year. She didn’t last the whole present opening, she got tired of it about 3/4 of the way through and just wanted to open and play with all her new toys! We opened gifts twice, the Saturday before Christmas with my mom and step-dad via FaceTime and then on Christmas Day.

We tried to teach Lulu about the true meaning of Christmas. I painted a toddler friendly nativity on wooden peg people. It was easier to direct her play with that instead of keeping her from touching the sheep on the fragile ceramic nativities.

Her favorite part of the nativity was baby Jesus. She carried the little wooden baby Jesus everywhere. And every night I had to go looking for it. Under the couch, in the play kitchen, in her bag, in the Christmas tree, in her toy box. Every night was a game of Where is baby Jesus?

We talked about the nativity and read some books. The things that stuck out to her the most were the fact the baby Jesus was swaddled and that there were sheep. Lulu would get a blanket and ask me to wrap her and walk around saying, “I baby Jesus! I wrapped!”

All in all it’s been a great Christmas. I’m happy to be home. Viddy asked me if I was sad to be putting away the Christmas decorations and I really am not sad about it. I’m looking forward to this new year, to see how Lulu continues to grow, to see what we do and where we travel. 2014 is going to be great.

((More pictures will follow … at some point))