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Ok. So every time I see our URL name I think of girls’ camp. For some reason it makes me think of the big booty game, but substitute big adventure for big booty and it kind of works. Anyone? Anyone? Ok, maybe I was just bored in class….

Any ways…. All through September I was going on Lots of Dates. LOTS. And every time I came home I was just like…. BLEH (Translation: Bleh equals no chemistry, not my type, or “it” just isn’t there). And then the guys would be interested and ask me out again. Which ended up being a lot more BLEH.
Here I was in a dating funk, and my good friend Nicki comes to me on a Sunday afternoon and invites me to a dinner group. I hemmed and hawed about it. ‘Cause I have allergies and I was tired and blah blah blah. But she assured me she would bring something I could eat and said she didn’t want to go by herself so I went. It was me and five other girls and Viddy. So we all talked and it was fun and the food was good.

Two Days Later. I get a facebook friend request. Dun dun DUN. From Dave. And I accepted. And then I get a MESSAGE. and I respond. And then a PHONE CALL. And we agree to go to Carabas on a Date. By the Way, The phone call was hilarious. It made me want to like dating again, because we talked so easily and I laughed pretty much non stop. And the date was laughing and talking non stop. We were the last people in the restaurant to leave. And we continued to sit in the car and talk. And then he took me to meet his parents. Really. Seriously.  So…. maybe I had to use a restroom (way too much water at the restaurant…) and maybe he parents live close by and it was that or a gas station. But – it’s funnier to just say he took me to meet his parents on our first date.

A Few Days After That. I get a text inviting me to a movie night with a bunch of people at his place, so I go and get to hang out and watch the movie. Then everyone else leaves. And it’s just Dave and I. And we cuddle and hold hands and just talk. Till four in the morning. I’m pretty sure I told him I wanted him to get me out of some dates later on in the week, and he agreed. And we decided to go out in a couple more days on another ‘official’ date to dinner and then we’d carve pumpkins. Which we did. And later we ended up sitting on his couch and I knew he wanted to kiss me. I just knew. And he knew that I knew. And I knew that he knew that I knew. So he turns to me and in a very Dave way asks, “So, Whatcha thinking about?” I say, “I’m thinking that you want to kiss me. But… I don’t want you to kiss me unless your committed to this relationship.” Dave: “I feel the same way, but now you’re going to have to wait for me to kiss you, so it’ll be a surprise.” Waiting? Yeah right. He waited a grand total of 2.75 seconds.

That started us seeing each other pretty much everyday. Making dinner together, working together, talking pretty much non stop thanks to text messaging, gchat, email, facebook, phone calls, and actually seeing each other. Dave would pick me up from the metro after school and if I were busy he’d make dinner and visa versa.

About a Month into Dating. I called my goto resident bounce-ideas-off-of friend and asked, “Is a month too early to say I love you?” And she said, Heck No. So I sat on that for few days. Mostly because I’m a scaredy cat. One night Dave and I were talking about how our relationship was going and how fast things were moving and our individual insecurities about dating and whatnot. He says something to the effect of “I’m protective of the people I love” (and included me in that group) and later I told him that I was falling in love with him. And then we both acknowledged that we had both pretty much said I love you – Kind Of. And from then on we used the “L” word regularly. The Jury’s still out as to who said “I Love You” first officially.

The “M” word was a bit later. We talked around marriage for a few weeks. We acknowledged that we would have a future together without actually talking about marriage. I figured we would get married after I decided to apply to transfer from Georgetown to University of North Carolina (where Dave wants to get his MBA).  That happened around the same time as “I love you”. I figured that if I was applying to transfer graduate schools… this was going to go somewhere. And I sure as heck wasn’t moving to a different state if I didn’t have a couple of new rings on my finger (not that I told Dave that right away.. sometimes I’m smart enough to know when to keep my mouth shut). I think the  first conversation about marriage went this way. Dave: We both know where this is going. Steph: What do you mean? Where is this going? Dave: You know what I’m talking about. Steph: No, what are you talking about? Dave: FINE. I’ll say it. Steph: Say what? (blink blink blink) Dave: (rolling his eyes) We both know that this is heading towards us getting married.

Ring Shopping. We can all agree that our relationship moved along a pretty fast course. I don’t remember signing up for the fast tract relationship to marriage, but apparently I did. And we ended up in the mall, ring shopping. Sleep deprived. Stressed. And for those of you who don’t know I have relationship issues, enough issues for a subscription, and they all came to the surface. Me in the ring store was like a deer in headlights. So in the first store the lady asks us, “what are you looking for?” And I forgot how to talk and just kind of stared blankly at the lady. I think Dave said “engagement rings” and we proceeded to look at rings store after store. And I did find a ring that I liked. It’s small and pretty and perfect for my size 4 ring finger. Yes. Size 4. Not a typo. Size 4 also translates into freakishly small.

Somewhere in there I talked to Dave about coming out to California to meet my family. I mean, I knew where this was going, and my family lives far away (like the other side of the country) and I wanted Dave to meet them, you know, before we got married. So he bought a plane ticket for over New Years (Yay for New Year’s Eve kisses!). And since Dave served his mission in San Francisco we planned a day for just us to go and see where he served.

On January second two thousand ten. We went to the Bay Area to meet some of Dave’s mission friends and see stuff from Dave’s mission. We stopped at the China Camp State park just north of San Francisco. And he parked the car. And we walked along the bay until we found this alcove right by the water and Dave knelt down and took my hand and told me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him. I said, “Absolutely, you already knew the answer.”

On May fifteenth of this year I get to marry my best friend. The man who meets my checklist and more. The man who encourages me to be better and wants more than anything for me to be happy and successful. I don’t think I could be happier. I’m honestly amazed everyday how much I love this man and how that love continues to grow more and more. I can’t wait for us to be sealed forever in the Oakland Temple so we can start our life together as husband and wife. It’s going to be a great adventure!

8 comments to The Story

  • becca  says:

    Man! I am loving this blog! You two are perfect!

  • Aunt Martie  says:

    I truly enjoyed reading all about how you met, your dating and the proposal. I am so happy for you both- it confirmed my feeling from when you were here – how perfect you are for each other and how happy you are together.

    You are indeed blessed – not everyone finds their true “soulmate”!

    Love you, Aunt Martie

  • corinne  says:

    congrats, steph! i’m so excited for you!

    p.s. who painted that gorgeous painting of the two of you on that other post? i love it!

  • scott  says:

    I am so proud of you!!! You know my romantic tale of how I met my soul mate. I enjoy your story very much. Thanks for not making him propose twice like a certain person did me (OK so it was on the same day but those three hours were torture) LONG LIVE soul mate romance.

  • Kasey  says:

    I love your story! I could not help but laugh (in the good, surprised, I think you guys are fun) way 😀 You guys are gonna be great!! Btw, you picked a great weekend to get married. Just sayin… 🙂

  • Jordan Gibb  says:

    Great story, I already heard Dave’s side of the story when we had lunch a few weeks ago. It is so funny to hear both sides, you guys are two peas in a pod. CONGRATS!

  • Kari Williamson  says:

    Months ago, a distinct change in the tone, a certain bounce in Steph’s voice made my ears suddenly perk up. Without even reading this wonderful and very touching story, all I had to do was listen to Stephanie’s voice. Only a mother’s intuition knows…an unspoken knowledge, abstract, yet crystal clear.
    And then, when she came for a visit during Christmas, I had the opportunity to witness her glowing aura and hear her sweet, sweet voice. An affirmation of what I knew all along…my intuition met her voice and visualized her aura. It all made perfect sense.
    My first born, my little girl….now an absolutely beautiful young woman ready to take on a “big adventure” with her soulmate. I love you with my entire being.

  • Janice Marvel  says:

    Wow, love those whirlwind romances…had one of my own! dated seriously for about 6 months, got engaged, then married 3 months later! One of my cousins swore I was pregnant….must be a pretty long gestation because 14 1/2 years later, the kid hasn’t come out yet! lol. Congrats to both of you , really enjoyed hearing both sides, and especially loved that his side read like a script for a romance movie! Yours was cute, direct and to the point, just like you Steph! He sounds like a keeper, so it’s a good thing this is working out for you! lol Congrats again, can’t wait to read/hear more!