The Wedding….

Everyone has been asking me, “How do you like being married?” What do people expect me to say? “Oh, well, you know…… it’s fine – I guess.” I usually just make some quippy comment in response. We get to save on gas money. I get to decorate an apartment (more on that later), I get more sleep, and most importantly I get to see and be with my best friend all the time (except when he’s working, or I’m working… you know, the REST of the time). I’ve also learned some things about myself. For example: I’m a Yo-Yo cuddler in my sleep. I spend my sleeping time rolling from one side of the bed all the way to the other side of the bed and snuggle with the Hubby. Then I roll all the way back to the other side of the bed. It just keeps repeating itself. At least that’s what I’ve been told. I always wake up in the same spot, so I’m not sure if I believe it.

But I’m sure my three blog readers really want to hear about the actual WEDDING DAY. Not about my odd sleeping habits.

For me, the best part of getting ready for the wedding was seeing all my friends and family come into town. Friends I haven’t seen in years flew in to celebrate with me and help get everything ready. From keeping me sane, to sneaking me out for dessert, to keeping track of all of my stuff on the wedding day – I couldn’t have stayed sane without them. Or have put together so many blasted paper lantern things.

The night before the wedding I made a very smart decision that involved modern medicine. I took an Ambien. Well, half an Ambien – I did want to wake up the next morning. I thankfully slept through all the night time drama. Like my littlest sister/ flower girl tossing her cookies all night. Poor thing was as sick as could be, but show up she did for all the pictures and wedding festivities (granted, she was on the strongest anti-nausea stuff my dad the P.A. could procure).

My day started at 8 ish. I woke up, gathered all my stuff, through some clothes on and headed out with my mom and The Humanities Major to get my hair did. Mr. The-Best-Kept-Secret in Modesto, Ca did my hair, beautifully. And he gave me some great make-up tips. So I finished my make-up, put on my pearls and we drove up to the temple.

What I had failed to plan was making sure that my temple recommend was in my possession. The fiance had it, so I had to wait outside the temple for him. As soon as he got there, I booked it inside to change into the wedding dress for wedding pictures round one. Which went kind of smoothly. There was one point when all the groomsmen took off to who knows where (turns out they had pizza stashed in someone’s car). This resulted in me pointing around, making wild frustrated hand signals, and having my family have to go out and find said groomsmen… All the while the Littlest Sister is pale, exhausted and half asleep next the the fountain (poor dear). At one point while The Photographer is taking my pictures I’m sitting on a stool with two of my bridesmaids behind me, lifting my dress from behind to get a picture of my dress frameing me. Nice picture, I’m sure, but it sure was a bit drafty…

Then it was into the temple. We walked in with our parents and signed the papers and went our separate ways for a bit to go and get ready. The ceremony was simple, beautiful and perfect. So many friends and family were there to enjoy in that very special moment. It’s a memory I will treasure for always. I am so blessed to have been sealed for all eternity to my best friend. I hope I can live up to the promises and commitments I have made to him and to my Heavenly Father so that we can always be together forever.

After the sealing ceremony I freshened up my make-up and went back outside the temple for pictures round two. For the last hour it was just my now new Hubby and I walking around the temple with the photographer, kissing on command, staring lovingly into each others eyes on command, being spun around, flipped upside down, hand stands, and more. Ok. No hand stands. I just made that up.

From pictures I shoved myself and the dress (with the Hubby’s help) into the rental car for the two hour drive down to Atwater for the reception. We stared lovingly into each others eyes (traffic permitting) and talked about the day. We got to Atwater and parked our car at a pre arranged location where my Granddad picked us up. We drove to the reception, snuck around back and got into the house. Where I learned that The Humanities Major had heat sickness and was tossing her cookies in the bathroom (this is the bridesmaid with all of my stuff) so the other bridesmaids were going back and forth from the bathroom to get information from the poor puking bridesmaid and to me to tell me where all my important stuff was, like my lip gloss and bouquet. The Littlest Sister and the Humanties Major ended up sleeping on my grandparents bed for some of the reception.

The Hubby and I exchanged rings said some nice sappy things to one another and sat down and ate our wonderful catered dinner. My grandma and wedding planner had done an amazing job decorating. Everything was beautiful, especially outside in the trees. My dad and granddad had pruned and put up lights and made everything perfect for the reception. We got to walk around and say hi briefly to our friends and family that came to celebrate. We cut the cake and politely fed each other the wonderful gluten free lemon cake by Crave Bakery in San Fransisco.

We danced to our song “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson. We danced with our family. Then I high tailed it out of there to change. I put on an easier-to-travel-in dress and went out to throw my bouqet. I over threw it. The Hubby’s cousin walked over to it and picked it up. Everyone threw ecofetti all over us, and I’m pretty sure my Littlest Brother whacked me in the head with the confetti bucket in an attempt to dump the rest of the contents of the bucket on me… We took of in my granddad’s Model A. He drove us to our car that was parked far enough away for people not to write on it or decorate it distastefully (neener neener neener to all you who wanted to!)

We drove up to the only close, nice hotel (45 minutes away) and I gave my brand new Hubby a goodnight kiss and we promptly fell asleep 😉

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  • Harmony  says:

    You’re so funny! You had me smiling and almost laughing out loud through this. Made me want to be there. You’re so cute.

  • Marcia  says:

    Thanks for the juicy details! Sound wonderful and perfect! Congrats 🙂