This is happening right now

Ok. By right now I mean earlier today.
Background: in an effort to actually do something instead of lounge around in our family pity of a sick baby we had the GREAT idea to go to the mall. A mall that is 45 minutes away. Past two other very nice malls. For a Crocs store grand opening. Even though neither one of us wears Crocs. Until today. And come to find out both the other malls we passed already have Crocs stores…
So, this grand idea meant that we put real clothes on and I attempted to cover my dark circles of lack of sleep (but according to the mall bathroom mirror didn’t do a very good job). So that we could go to the mall, discover that Lulu is TERRIFIED of both helium tanks and the Dyson hand dryers, and spend way too much on squishy shoes.
Now: We are sitting in our car in the garage with a sick, virusy, mucous laden, feverish baby. The baby is sleeping for what seems like longer than any stretch of time she slept last night. And we are grateful.
To preserve the restful, restorative, please-make-this-virus-go-away sleep we will not leave the car. Good thing we got chick-fil-a to go.
And we ate chick-fil-a… In the car. And we finished listening to Bossypants, by Tina Fey. Which was VERY funny but had some/quite a bit of bad language.
When the audiobook ended the baby began to stir because of the lack of noise.
Our conversation (whispered) went like this:
Fanny: “Quick!! Put something on.”
Viddy: fumbling with the iphone
Fanny: panicking
Baby: stirring, starts to sleep cry
Fannie: more panicking, maybe some anxious hand flapping
Viddy: puts on a alternative rock song, loudly
Baby: startled, continues to cry
Fannie: “REALLY?? Just put Bossypants back on for the love! She’s waking up!!”
Viddy: “OK OK.” puts on The Band
Fannie: “Who is this?”
Baby: settles down to sleep
Viddy: “The Band”
Fannie: “Really? That’s their name??”
Viddy: “One of the most widely popular bands is called The Beatles, are you really going to criticize them for calling themselves what they are?”
Fannie: Laughing “Ok. Fair enough”
some time passes…
Viddy: “Why don’t you read on your phone?”
Fannie: “It’s in the diaper bag.” (in the backseat with the sleeping baby)
Viddy: “Where?”
Fannie: “The drink holders.”
Viddy: diligently checks the diaper bag using some arm extender skills. “It’s not there.”
Fannie: “It is there.”
Viddy: “Unless I’m crazy, it’s not there. Heaven help me if you left that phone in the mall.”
Fannie: “Jacket?”
Viddy: “Nope.”
Fannie: after rifling through the diaper bag filled with snot soaked rags, formula stained bibs and diapers, “Found it!”
Baby wakes up, after sleeping soundly in the car for 2 HOURS. We all proceeded to go back into the house to resume our day of entertaining a sick, fussy baby. Lulu is lucky that she is the firstborn, I don’t think the next child[ren] will have the luxury to sit in the car with his/her parents for 2 hours. 
This has been a word for word sample of the conversation Viddy and I had. We’re so cool. And sleep deprived. Next time, we won’t go to the far away mall. Next time, we’ll just stay home with the sick grumpy baby.
The following is a picture of the shoes I bought. They are comfy. And if you’ll notice this one has a ladybug in it. Because Crocs are so popular they sell these things called jibbits that bedazzle your shoes. I did not purchase this. It was free.
I have about 5 blog posts in the making. And school is one week away from being done. I will catch up on life and laundry soon. Ok, maybe not laundry. But I will catch up on the blog, eventually. Now, I’m going to sleep.
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4 comments to Today

  • Harmony  says:

    ha ha! You are so flippin funny! I loved the convo! And the fact that you waited in the car for 2 hours with the sleeping baby! You’re right, she’s lucky she’s the firstborn. You rock!!!!!!!

  • Kim Carlile  says:

    That is funny. Isn’t it amazing how much the value of sleep increases when you have a baby?

  • Jacqulyn Barrow  says:

    I am speechless

  • Vanessa  says:

    I cannot tell you how many afternoons I have spent in my car, in the apartment complex parking lot, browsing on my phone while Mikaela slept. It was just so much more worth it than being inside with a grumpy baby! Hope Lulu gets feeling better! Good luck with the rest of school too. I look forward to you catching up on the blog 🙂