Traditions and Jealousy

We have already established a few routines set up in our day to day lives. Tuesday and Wednesday are Go-To-School-Days. Sundays or Saturdays are Pancakes-For-Breakfast (Thank you, Gluten free bisquick- I heart you). And Fridays are Husband-Works-From-Home.

In some ways it’s nice, it’s like an extra pajama day, relax, hang out, catch up on Hulu. But I have a problem. I’m jealous of his work computer. Granted, it has a faster processor than me, it weighs less (but I have more curves). It has Microsoft Word. I have Facetiousness 2.0.

I get it. He owes the computer. He owes it eight hours of time. I understand. And we have a mortgage payment and a kitten to pay for. Being a flu shot nurse isn’t exactly the most lucrative business around.

But when I’m just sitting around… waiting. Bored. I just can’t help it if I get sudden urges to throw myself in front of the evil computer and look up at him with my ‘Pay-Attention-To-Meeeeeeee’ eyes. Or poke him mercilessly in the ribs until I get his attention. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t…

So I just sit on my side of the bed (the right side), surround myself with my 22 pillows, blog, facebook, or – gasp – do my homework. And glare at the evil black computer. We’ll get even one day, computer. Like my grandma taught me, “Don’t get mad, get revenge.”

One comment to Traditions and Jealousy

  • Vanessa  says:

    Oh Steph, I hear you. That is how I feel when Josh has to work on his school work rather than play with Mikaela and I. I cannot wait for him to be done with school. P.S. I heart you and your funny funny blog 🙂