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This is a test…

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Lulu’s Milestones

Almost 10 months and our very active, happy baby is happily doing everything she’s supposed to do.

Crawling: About a week ago Lulu started to inchworm places. She would bring up her knees and propel herself forward – stopping herself from face planting with her hands. And then she does it again and again and again. And sure enough, she slowly gets where she wants. Today she figured out the alternating hands/knees crawl. And then I took a moment and looked around and realized that I need to BABYPROOF. I’m seeing my house in a whole new light – I’m seeing every single safety hazard! AHHHHH! Other than cupboard locks, baby gates, and outlet covers – any other suggestions??

She also loves to stand and pivot back and forth from parent to toy...

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Pessimistic Toys: Dinosaur Walker

It occurs to me by giving my daughter a happy smiling dinosaur, we’re ill-preparing her for a potential future. What if dinosaurs come back? She’ll see the dinosaur and smile. He’ll smile back at her. She’ll try to hug him. He’ll hug her…with his mouth.


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Celiac disease and….. hair care?????

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Why we can’t go to bed before 11 PM

Now that Fannie and I are closing in on the second year of our marriage in May, we’ve hit a new point in our marriage where  our evenings barely exist in a tumult of book clubs, ward callings, quick shopping trips, small projects, etc.  Lately, we have time for me to finish off the dishes and watch a show and it’s up to bed.

Somehow, when we’re doing the nightly chores: teeth brushing, face washing, water bottle refills, pill popping we get a second wind that results in a sleepy euphoria where we get slightly punch drunk.  Then it becomes a bunch of silly jokes, what if conversations, breaking down the game film, and some nightly competition on the app of the week on our iPhones (Jenga most recently).

This time has really become our true one on one time with each other and is honestly m...

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