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Halloween … thank you Target

This post is dedicated to Target. A wondrous place of joy and time-saving supplies.

It’s not officially Halloween, but we did go out to our Ward Trunk or Treat and I tried to introduce Lulu to the wonders of FREE CANDY.

Due to my master’s paper writing schedule ((read: all the time)) I didn’t really have much free time to put together costumes. So, after proposing a few ideas to Viddy, we decided on a circus theme. Lulu got a costume from Costco a few weeks back, a few black balloons, duct tape, and a tutu later – CIRCUS!

I went as a tight-rope walker. I got a tutu from the children’s section – it was a large in the children’s section. I know what ya’ll are thinking. You’re sooo lucky to be so skinny. Well...

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