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4 years old

Well, this is overdue.

I can’t believe she’s four!!

She’s a bouncing ball of bright, energetic, dramatic, curious energy.

She has fully entered the world of imagination. She has many imaginary friends that follow her around and play games with her. She loves art and building things and digging in sand. She enjoys reading books and learning to write letters.

She loves her little brother and is both nervous for him to get bigger and get her stuff and excited for him to be able to play with her.

I think she has started to realized how much bigger the world is and how little control she has over things. She’s started to cling to the familiar more and she gets a little stressed over things outside her control. We’re working on emotional outbursts…

Some of my favorite Sabrina-isms from this pas...

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5 months!

Time flies…

I’ve been putting off writing another post. Whenever I post about something difficult or close to my heart, I don’t like writing again – it feels like the more meaningful things just get pushed down under the hum drum things of life. I know that’s not exactly true in actuality, but it’s taken me a little while to get back to the normal.

Ezra was sleeping great between 2-3 months old. He was sleeping from 7-7 (ish). And then… he learned how to roll from back to front.

He’d throw his legs up in the air and pivot his hips to get the momentum to turn to his side and then twist to get to his belly. And once he figured out how to get to his front, he had to figure out how to get back to his back. And then he figured out how to roll.

And then he started inch-worming forward.

And now h...

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