Conversations with a 2.75 year old

Driving into church yesterday:

Lulu: I got married.

Me and Viddy: Um…. to who?

Lulu: I got married at the temple with Mommy and Daddy.


Right after getting home from work:

Viddy: I’m going to go up stairs to change, you can stay down here.

Lulu: NO! I watch a show!!

Viddy: Yes, just sit down and watch your show.

Lulu: NO! I stand!

Viddy: Ok. you can stand.

Lulu: NO! I sit over here, Dad! I sit over here.

Viddy (backing up the stairs slowly): Ok. Ok.


While reading her “born” book (her shutterfly book I made right after she was born):

Lulu (pointing to Mimi (grandma)): Look! It’s my sister!

Me: Your sister??

Lulu: Just kidding, it’s Mimi.


Tonight at bedtime:

Lulu (pointing to the picture of Jesus): Jesus loves me?

Me: Yes, Jesus loves you, and Mommy and Daddy love you.

Lulu: I’m in Jesus’s castle?

Me: Um…

Lulu: I wake up and get dressed. Jesus put on my shoes?

Me: It’s time for bed. In the morning you can put on your shoes.

Lulu (holding her Mickey Mouse stuffed animal): Mickey doesn’t have a shirt. Mickey has undies. I have undies.

Me: Yes. You have a shirt and undies. I love you, Goodnight.

One comment to Conversations with a 2.75 year old

  • Mimi  says:

    Soooooooo CUTE! I’m glad you’re making account of your conversations with my sweet Lulu!