Day by day….

Monday’s were never my favorite. Especially Monday’s where I wake up feeling like my cranium is going to explode with sinus yuckiness. Thankfully, little Lulu isn’t so fond of Monday’s either and she decided to sleep until 9:20. She’s been under the weather, so I didn’t want to wake her (and let’s be honest – I didn’t want to wake up either).

So today has been a lazy day. I’m staying in my pajamas. No make-up. Sabrina’s in a I-still-need-to-do-some-laundry outfit.

The blender exploded this morning. And by exploded, I mean it exploded it’s contents. User Error. It was a combination of top-not-on-right and not paying attention. Right after the explosion, Viddy opens the door after running an errand. And he gets to see large splotches of green fruit smoothie EVERYWHERE. I shrugged my shoulders. We laughed. There was enough smoothie left in the blender for me, Viddy, and Lulu to get our fill.

Life Happens.

I’m still looking for a job, I have one half job offer. And some interesting leads. I need to pay off my student loans. I know I’m going to work for the next year or two full time – and I feel good about that decision. But for now I’m enjoying home.

It seems like the last three years have flown by. Time goes by so much faster than it used to. It’s March already! When did that happen?

Just a minute ago I was swaddling my baby, right? Swaddling and bouncing and listening to coos? Now she can say, “Frustrated!” Although it sounds more like, “Us trate id.” She told me, “sorry” when the chair fell over (not with her in it, and because she was tugging on the bags I shouldn’t hang on the back of chairs).

Slowly, day by day, life happens. Homework got done. Papers were finished. Meals were made. Clothes worn, washed, not put away, and worn again. A graduation. Birthdays come and go. House is clean, not clean, clean again, not clean again, really not clean, clean again. Another day of work, and another and another, and finally a weekend – repeat.

I can blog, instagram, take pictures as much as I want to try and freeze all the moments I want to keep, but I don’t have a camera on me, or I’m not quick enough to snap the photo. Like when Lulu and her buddy, AJ, are playing and rolling on a great big blow up mattress and tumbling around and sharing or not sharing play food and telling each other, “HI!” Or when Lulu keeps insisting on putting the hat on her foot. Or when she grabbed my face and pulled me to give me a kiss.

Or even when she throws herself on the ground, yelling, crying, upset because I won’t let her have the iPad/she has to get in the car/or I just remind her she needs to wait.

As much as I want to savor each moment (well, less of the tantrumming and more of the sweet baby kisses), I also want to continue on and am anxious to see what the next day, month, year, 5 years will be. How we will change. It’s one great balancing act – being present while making plans.

And this is just how it’s supposed to be. Tomorrow will be more books, visits with friends, more meals, maybe a walk, probably some Curious George. And the next day and the day after that. One day Lulu will be potty trained. One day she’ll read. One day she’ll back talk. One day she’ll fix her own hair.

One day….

For now I’m going to read my book, enjoy nap time, hope my cold ends without turning into a sinus infection, and laundry can probably wait one more day (again).



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