Hello, HELLO, Hello, HELLO, We Welcome You Today.

Hello, HELLO, Hello, HELLO, We’re glad you came our way. To share with us our Primary Day.

We are now primary team teachers.

I am learning a lot of new primary songs I have previously forgotten. I get to color instead of attend grown-up sunday school. Unfortunately, one of us no longer gets to play on his iPhone through 3rd hour… ah hem.

We teach the 5 year olds. 6 5-year-olds. And to be specific: 6 5-year-old boys.

Can we all say ACTIVE???

Along with basic gospel principles we are also all teaching (and learning) about sitting still, keep-your-hands-to-yourself-please, one-two-three-eyes-on-me, zipping lips, and relevant commentating.

It’s great fun.

And now I can to to Target and buy masking tape and safety scissors and crayons and things and get my creative on. As well as get in touch with my inner 5 year old.

2 comments to Hello, HELLO, Hello, HELLO, We Welcome You Today.

  • Brynley  says:

    Send some ideas my way. I’m so not good at trying to get in touch with my inner child. hehe. sounds fun.

  • Vanessa  says:

    Oh how I LOVE love LOVE primary! We were the sunbeam instructors until Mikaela came and taught senior primary kids in our last ward. They are so fun and I can say that the more creative you are with the lesson and games the more they behave. It is challenging but SO very much fun for those of us who love crafty things. Enjoy it!