How Chocolate Milk Saves My Life (Sometimes)

I have heartburn.

Sometimes. It’s not constant, but it’ll creep up on me every few days. And the spicier the food – the worse it can be. And by spicy I mean Pace Salsa a.k.a. ketchup. It’s not terrible heartburn – I know some people get worse hearburn…. but it sure can be MIGHTY uncomfortable.

I don’t really want to take medication for it. Medically, know one really knows what medications will/can do to babies in utero (except for Tylenol, which has the OK stamp, but it’s kind of useless)… so I try and avoid medications unless I’m desperate. I tried one all natural remedy. Apparently, for some people, apple cider vinegar is a heartburn cure. Some people drink it straight. Some people dilute a tablespoon in some water. I tried it. It made me want to throw up. I couldn’t even finish it. And it did diddly squat for the heartburn. Shivers. It makes me gag just thinking about it. Bottom Line: NEVER AGAIN.

I have taken Zantac (blessed blessed Zantac) and it works. Really well. I save it for when I cannot take it anymore. I’ve looked it up. It’s Pregnancy Category B, which means it’s as OK as any scientist will admit. I look up everything I take – it’s a benefit/curse of my profession.

But there is one thing that works 90% of the time.


Good ol’ fashion cow’s milk.

The creamier the better.

Problem: I don’t like straight milk. I think it’s icky.

Solution: Nesquick (We may be on our third Costco Nesquick container…. maybe)

I do like chocolate. 😀

I’ll be sitting on the couch, not doing my homework (like now) and I’ll feel the burning slowly start creeping its way up my esophagus. And it gets worse and Worse and WORSE. And I look at Viddy and say, “I need me some chocolate milk, STAT!” And my wonderful husband goes and makes me a glass with 2%. Skim is pretty much water in my opinion, I like whole milk the best… but I can’t quite justify the calories. Let’s be honest, I’d drink half and half with Nesquick if I could justify it. I can feel my taste buds rejoicing and my arteries clogging just thinking about it.

And then, there is sweet relief. Ahhhhhh.

Unless it doesn’t work.

Then I take a Zantac.

Now I just need a remedy for my play-doh kankles….

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  • BreAnne  says:

    Hahah Stephanie I love all your posts and adventures!!! I think we definiately need to get together especially the babies come!!