Keep or Destroy?

My husband, the father to my in-utero child, Viddy (also known as Sugah-Honey-Love-Muffin) struggles with… getting rid of clothing.

He likes to collect t-shirts, belt buckles, and doesn’t like to throw things away. Most of the time I have no problem with this. The t-shirts are mostly funny and witty. The belt buckles are more or less harmless. My end goal is just to keep us from being on the TLC show “Hoarders.”

So I’m going to take a poll. This is a shirt that he INSISTS on keeping.

Here it is:

His Arguments: “For ugly sweater parties” and “Because I got it out of the dorm donation box freshman year”

Her Arguments: “When was the last time we went to an ugly sweater party?” and  “The 80’s called and they don’t like the sweater, either – it’s too ugly for the 80’s” and “We can find something just as ugly and obnoxious at Good Will – IF we’re invited to an Ugly Sweater Party” and “Those colors really aren’t in your color palate, dear”

KEEP or DONATE or DESTROY? (please comment)

(Note: He has made no promise to get rid of the shirt if the general opinion is to do so… and the shirt just may disappear or be put into the paper shredder or food processor – on accident…. at some point… possibly)


Oh baby, oh baby. Mmmmmmm. Pink and Orange. Sizzling.

And you can barely see the baby bump through the obnoxious stripes:

12 comments to Keep or Destroy?

  • Bryce  says:

    Sherbet called. It wants its color scheme back.

  • Angie  says:


    make a pillow! You can cut the front and back into whatever design you’d like (squares are the easiest, of course), then use the left overs as part of the filling, and then fluff the rest.

    Ugly sweater no longer plaguing the closest (for her), and you don’t have to deal with the emotional distress of getting rid of it (for him).

    and if that doesn’t work, then I guess we’re right back to square one. 🙂

    That’s right ladies and gents, Super Social Worker comes to the rescue again. It’s a gift really.


  • Amanda  says:

    TOSS IT! My take is if it’s collecting dust/taking up space in the closet & he never wears it, it’s time to let it go. I’m a sentimental person, but I guess many times of moving will make you get rid of things easier. Plus, if there’s ever an ugly sweater party to attend, you can always plan a trip to good will!

  • Ruth  says:

    Destroy or use it to make a cute dress for your baby.

    Anything but keep.

  • Harmony  says:

    Um….. ??????? So funny that he wants to keep it!!! Does it fit him? If so, let him keep it. If not, throw it away. But it’s freaking hilarious.

    I tried to think of something witty to say but I don’t have wit coming out my ears like you do.


  • Jeff  says:

    Put it on and get some pictures for all of us to see, honestly you can’t really tell anything about a shirt till you can see it on. heh heh.

  • Miriam  says:

    You can’t not keep this shirt. It’s an 80s classic! It’s amazingly, awesomely tacky. ‘Nuff said.

  • Vanessa  says:

    Love the post, love the sweater. BUT only because it lead to 5 minutes of reading bliss on your blog once again. Good luck with the want-to-be hoarder of a husband of yours! It is funny what they want to save isn’t it? Josh hoards receipts and old utility bills. Yikes. Gotta love em.

  • Rachael  says:

    I say turn the sweater into a set of baby leg warmers. I found this tutorial on a blog I follow awhile back and I think the sleeve could work the same way socks do. That way the sweater is still there in spirit.

  • jacqulyn barrow  says:

    What are you Dave, a girl?!?! There are no words to describe that shirt. Get rid of it or it will disappear when you are not home. I do have access you know! And Grant is a cat whisperer so he can just tell Teddy what to do with it. I will give you until Saturday to throw it away. 🙂

  • engquist  says:

    My question: does it burn? It looks like it could be made of one of those heinous materials that not even Superman has the ability to defeat.

    If it does burn though, do so. I’m working on a secret stash of my own; we can have a bonfire together.

  • Becca  says:

    I thought we had managed to get rid of that shirt years ago, I had no idea he still had it. Dave, I know Dad teases you about your pink shirts and its a stubborn thing to keep all your pink shirts—but this one….well its a good thing we all know you’re married.