Lulu Turned Two!!! (in May…)

I know. I’m a blog slack-a-lot. I’m aware.

Any who.

About 8 weeks ago. Our little toddler turned TWO! We had the opportunity to celebrate twice. Once with our good friends and neighbors (well they WERE our neighbors until they LEFT us! Boo.). And then again in NoVa with Viddy’s parents and my father who was in town for a conference.

For the gathering here in NC, I made homemade funfetti cupcakes. Gluten Free, of course. I just added a vanilla pudding packet and sprinkles to my cupcake mix. Easy Breezy. Then I topped the cupcakes with green frosting and sprinkles and stuck dum-dums in them to be some kind of resemblance to truffula trees. From the movie The Lorax. Lulu is kind of obsessed with 2 movies – Finding Nemo and The Lorax. And Monsters, Inc., comes in 2nd.

I thought a Lorax themed party with yellow melting chocolate Lorax ‘staches and cupcakes and a whole buffet of Lorax themed treats would be awesome. What happened was cupcakes.
For the second birthday celebration, there just happened to be a baker very near Viddy’s parent’s house that did GF cupcakes. And per the request of Viddy, we got carrot cake cupcakes. And they were phenomenal. She put fondant 2s on each cupcake. It was adorable.

Our gift to Lulu was all the blood sweat and tears that went into her play kitchen. And the play kitchen, which she loves. I’ll post my DIY play kitchen tips in another post – they are extensive.

Lulu is very fun and sweet and cuddly and smart and has amazing hair.
Sometimes she gets cranky when she’s hungry or tired or having a toddler moment. Her favorite word is, “NO.” Sometimes she does use, “No thank you.” We’re working on that. She had a phase with biting, which ended with a squirt of distilled vinegar in her mouth along with time-out, and a lot of reminders that BITING HURTS. She drew blood from me twice and bruised my arm pretty bad. She also had a phase of hitting, and since sometimes hitting wasn’t quite enough – like when she is in the car and can’t reach me – she would narrate what she wanted to do, “HIT, MOMMA!” Thankfully, for now, that seems to have passed. A few nights ago in her crib she was holding her sheep and she said, “HIT!” and made the sheep hit her. And then she shook her head and said, “No, sheep, no. Hitting ouchie.” So, I think she figured it out.

She talks a ton. Sometimes I can’t understand her and wish I had a toddler translator, but more and more I understand what she says. She loves to sing with me, her favorites include: Families can be Together Forever, I am a Child of God, I Love to See the Temple, Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam, Row Row Row Your Boat, The Wheels on the Bus, Old McDonald, and Caballito Blanco.

Finding Nemo is her all time favorite movie EVER. I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve watched it. She got it as a gift in her Easter Basket. Interestingly, Viddy put the movie on in Spanish and there was absolutely no difference in Lulu’s interest level. She watched it with the same intent as usual. She has a pretty good attention span for a two-year-old. She will sit and watch about 1.5 hours of a 2 hour movie. She’s always had a fairly good attention span with books, too.

She is getting better and better climbing on things at the playground. And in the last few months she really started to play with the kids at her baby-sitters, instead of doing her own thing.

She LOVES nursery. They have snacks and music and bubbles, whats not to love? I’ve been told over and over that she’s happy and shares and partiipates and listens. Even at her baby-sitter, she’s very obedient and happy to play. Now, when she gets back to us after nursery or her sitter’s it can be a different story. She saves all her crankiness and obstinace for us.