No, ooma is not a cross between a llama and an octopus – but good guess!

Ooma is our new phone service.

$3 per month!

No Joke.

You see, when I wrote about trying to be more frugal, that was just the start of Viddy and I trying to do more to save our money. So we can pay for things like fixing our cars, air conditioning, and baby stuff. Just to name a few things.

Currently our phone bill is kind of pricey. Smart phones are smart but not cheap. We share a phone plan with my brother and his wife. And we have a ridiculous number of minutes on our plan. And Viddy uses more than me, my brother, and sister-in-law combined! Even though we have free nights and weekends and free mobile to mobile calling. He takes conference calls on his cell phone sometimes and that racks up the minutes. 1400 minutes – and he uses 1000 of them. Whoa.

So, we looked up Ooma, after some friends brought it up to us. And hopefully we will be decreasing our minutes on our cell phone plan next month.

Viddy set the whole thing up last night – now we have regular phones. I haven’t had a “land line” (kind of…. land line) attached to me since I moved out of the house 7+ years ago. Get this: the new phone base has a locator button. So when the phones get misplaced – we can hit the locator button and it will make the phones beep. GENIUS! That was so nice of the phone people to think of me when they made the phone.

I’m loving the idea of saving money on our phone bill. And if you want to look it up – check out Amazon, we got the Ooma base cheaper than what is listed on the website.

Go Forth and Save Money, my friends!