Planned Parenting: Not What You Think

Now, wait one minute, no one is pregnant.  There are no gluten free buns in the oven.  We’re not baby booty shopping.  When I say “planned parenting”, I’m talking about parenting ideas that Steph and I get when we’re talking about being parents someday.  Some of them come out rather amusing and some of them come off rather naive.  We thought we’d post some of them for your enjoyment.  FYI, the dumb or goofball ones are usually mine, and the smart, intelligent ones are Steph’s.  This will be a running series.

Not Enough Talk, And Too Much Kissing Action

We were discussing what we would do if we found our teenage children someday making out with their significant hormonal other.  We decided that we would take a page from the old home econ courses for an old fashioned, yet effective teaching tool.  Should our teenager get caught locking lips a little longer (>3 seconds) than we would like, they’ll find themselves the proud parents of a bag of flour.

Yes, suddenly these young Romeos/Juliets will become parents to a baking staple and will be held responsible for its care for a week.  This powdery pal will be their constant companion in class, at practice, at church, on dates (especially on dates), and at home.  The quality of care this once and future confection receives will determine whether any additional punishment will be assessed.

We figure that if they realize the responsibility that comes with those kinds of activities (smoochie, smoochie) they’ll be a little more wise.  Or they’ll just be much more careful not to get caught.


4 comments to Planned Parenting: Not What You Think

  • Thomas  says:

    Dang! You guys are good, Mandy and I haven’t even scratched the surface as to what to do when our daughter is a Teenager and in bum situations. Bag of Flour eh? Interesting.

  • Bryce  says:

    This is a little off-topic, but Haley’s friend always wanted to withhold something commonplace from his kids, like say, a fork. Then, when they’re like five years old they’d be at a friend’s house and they’d be like, “Oh my gosh! What IS this thing? It’s amazing!!” That always seemed like a funny idea to me.

  • Becca  says:

    So…I just have one question. Won’t your children likely have gluten allergies…so wouldn’t carrying around a bag of flour be a bad thing…

  • Jim Williamson  says:

    When the occasion happens give us a call,simple unemotional consequences work best. granddad and Grandma