Reality, enter stage left

Getting any place with a new baby is *slightly* more complicated than just getting myself to… let’s say church.

Sweet, precious Babygirl-O-Mine eats and sleeps when she needs to, regardless of what time we need to be places. I tried to tell her, reason with her, remind her of our timeline and commitments, but she just won’t listen. Sheesh. Babies these days.

Viddy had a 7.30 AM meeting so that left me and Lulu to get ready by ourselves.

Thank Heavens I showered last night. At least I didn’t show up to church stinky and exhausted looking. Just exhausted-looking, which multiple people pointed out to me. Love it when that happens….

Although I was awake, and I use that word very loosly, at 7 AM, it took all of my barely conscious organizational abilities to get to church. Diaper bag. Bottle. Breastmilk. Diapers. Baby dressed. Me dressed. Make-up. Car Seat. Extra blanket. Keys. Check Check Checkity Check Check.

Happy baby or sleeping baby – Nope. Sunday school lesson? I had a *rough* outline. Wallet? Forgotten. And as I walked out to my car to leave I realized that I had socks on. Not dress shoes. Whoops. At least I realized that before I got to church.

I’ve decided that I need either A) extra appendages to bounce a baby while I put make-up on or B) hired help. Due to financial and physical restrictions I think I’m just going to have to make due with what I have. Everyone tells me it gets easier. Still. This morning was rough. I really really admire all the ladies I know with one or more small child[ren] who not only manage to get to church, but look good and organized when they get there. Hats off to you. My goal for next week is to remember to put my shoes on.

And don’t worry, this adorable baby didn’t stop there to help make my morning more interesting. In the mother’s room, where I went to nurse and change Lulu’s diaper, she managed to projectile poo onto someone else’s blanket. Facepalm. Note: face her bum toward the tiled end of the room, not toward the chairs. Got it. For next time…

Like I said, next week the goal is to remember shoes. But Viddy should be there to help, so maybe I’ll manage to put more under eye concealer one to look more awake, too.


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3 comments to Reality, enter stage left

  • Jim Williamson  says:

    Enjoying your dialogue,rest comes when you are Great Grandparents. Grandma and Granddaddy.

  • Kristin  says:

    Oh goodness, I totally remember having days like this! Sundays were the worst, I remember one particular day when Carmen threw up all over the ONE outfit I could fit into post partum minutes before we left for church. I totally lost it and broke down crying. We ended up arriving late with me in some ill-fitting skirt and blouse, and Carmen in a different outfit. Now things are LOTS easier, and I am a total advocate for showering the night before now! It is a lifesaver sometimes 🙂 It does get easier, I promise!

  • Kim Carlile  says:

    Doing as much as possible the night before is my best advice. I pack the lunch for nursery, lay out everyone’s clothes, put my bags and the kids backpacks already in the car, and of course shower myself. It helps, but somedays it still isn’t enough. Heaven help me when Baby Boy #3 arrives….
    You are doing great and although cliche…it really does get much easier.