Bribery for a flu shot…


She’s a good big sister. As long as he isn’t playing with her toys.

Sabrina started school.





Here we are going to see the Corpse Flower. It stinks like death only blooms for 48 hours every 10-20 years. Of course we had to see it.

img_6260Kindergarten. The first year of school that marks the beginning of many, MANY more years.



We are very excited for her to be in this school – it was a lottery to get in. She gets to choose electives in all sorts of subjects – arts, science, computers, chess, music, sports, and the list goes on and on.


One of her favorite book characters – Splat the Cat

The school is only 15 minutes away if I drive her, but if she takes the bus, it’s a 1.5 hr bus ride… Twice a week she rides the bus home, otherwise I or a friend drives her or picks her up.

Sabrina and I were both a little apprehensive and nervous about school. It was such a big change for me to go from knowing what she is doing all day to not knowing. I volunteer in the classroom occasionally and I have gotten to know her teacher. The more I get to know the school, the more I am very happy and comfortable with Sabrina being there. When I drop her off in the morning, all the carpool attendants know Sabrina and greet her (and all the children) by name. Sometimes they give hugs and high fives as she walks in. It’s a very caring, energetic school.


Gymnastics outfit


More Sabrina Style

She has lots of friends and is happy to go to school each day. On Wednesday mornings she goes to Yoga Club. Right now her elective is “Make and meet musical instruments.”

Really, she is thriving and loving life. She’s had some hiccups with friends. Sabrina will come home and cry because a friend told her she was doing her worksheet wrong. So we talked about it and how to handle things. The good news is there are a lot more good moments then bad moments. img_6681img_6272img_7452