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99 Days

Until I get to eat some really good Wedding Cake.

Thats All.

Oh, And marry my best friend.


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How it happened according to Viddy…

So, now you’ve all heard Stephanie’s side of the story, I’ll share a bit of mine.

Before I met Stephanie I had been dating casually having pursued several relationships that never really came together.  So, I’d been fairly complacent for a while focusing on work and taking care of myself.  Taking care of myself is code for trying to live more like an adult instead of a Video college student that eats the same thing two to three times a day.  So, in all, I was kind of just learning to take care of myself.

Then it occurred to me one day, as the year was starting to wrap up in early September it was time to get serious about dating and finding a wife. I’m not going to lie, I’ve tried before.  It’s not like I’ve been sitting on the sidelines the last 7  years since my mission.  By the way, saying that its been seven years since my mission makes me feel pretty old.  Stephanie reminding me that I’m getting nearer to 30 than 25, makes me feel older.  Then when you find out that she’s falls in age right between two of my sisters, well, I’m feeling it.

Anyway, I made the decision to start dating again and dating with purpose.  This time, however, I was going to make this serious.  Between being an active part of the sales process at work and a former volunteer missionary for my church, I appreciated the importance of going after a project with a goal.  Yes, I’m serious, I really was thinking this way.  I had it all planned out: a list of girls I was going to take out, a whiteboard that I’d track our progress on, and budget for how much I was going to spend on dates each month.  It was ready to go.

Just to preface, I had two dates a couple of weeks before and they weren’t pretty.  One canceled on me by email (which was fine because we had the potential to be related considering her last name was my great, great grandfather’s last name) and the other was not one of the best dates I ever had.  I’m sure it wasn’t that great for her either.  Anyway, so this time was going to be different.  This time, I was focused.  This time, I would see results.

So, I asked out a girl in the ward that I was friends with and scheduled a date for the Friday of the following week.  Later that weekend, I had a Dinner Group scheduled.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with these, they’re essentially an excuse to put males and females in the same room to converse and find mates.  It never works, ever…or maybe it does.  By the way, just for the record, my roommates at Jamestown in Provo can attest to this...

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David = Dave = Viddy

Stephanie = Steph = Fannie

Where did Viddy come from? Well, Dave moved into a new ward his Junior year of school. Soon his roommates discovered that there were five other Dave’s at church. Well, there was no way that their roommate was going to be one Dave among the crowd. So they worked for ten minutes to figure out a better nickname. Adam, a somewhat conservative rebel, decided that we shouldn’t have to follow the rest of society and use the first half of David. So thus, Vid or Viddy was born. And Dave spells Viddy with a ‘y’ not an ‘i’. Viddi would be a girl with facial hair that stars on Jersey Shore. (David, Vid, Viddy – get it?)

Where did Fannie come from? Well, Steph never wanted a nickname but her high school voice teacher came up with this for reasons I...

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