Originally we had this whole coastal road trip planned out. We were going to stop in one city a night and just drive down Highway 1. Then we realized we didn’t want to do that, so we planned on staying in two cities: Monterey and San Diego. Monterey has THE AQUARIUM (yes, it needs to be capitalized like that – because it’s the best thing EVER). And San Diego has the zoo and is closer to Pheonix, where we ended up driving after our official honeymoon was over. San Deigo….. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful place, I’m not so convinced since all I saw was the hotel room and a walgreens…. the explanation will be coming.

The Sunday after the wedding we went and opened presents with the family. There was lots of typing of gifts and gift paper flying around and people munching on food. We distributed the gifts to the Hubby’s family  for them to take back to Virginia. We enjoyed the company of our family again, and laughed and joked around. By this point the Littlest Sister was back to her cheerful, happy self. Albeit a little sad she missed out on the Wedding Day Festivities.

On Monday, we took off to Monterey. We stayed there for 3 nights, enjoyed our beautiful Hotel Pacific, toured the Monterey Bay Aquarium, went to Point Lobos – one of the most beautiful places in California, where we watched the sunset. Ate at an amazing Tapas restaurant, Esteban’s. And mostly just enjoyed relaxing.

Thursday we drove down the coast on Highway One. Beautiful drive. LONG, but beautiful. It was even longer still due to construction. I enjoyed it. But I think that is the last time we’ll be doing that. We didn’t get into San Diego until 10 at night.

The hubby, being the kind, empathetic man that he is, decided to share in the pain and suffering of the Littlest Sister by catching what she had. We stayed in the hotel Friday Day. Our plans to go to the Zoo were foiled. By a virus. I called my Dad the P.A. and he got the Hubby some strong anti nausea medications that I dispensed regularly like any good nurse. Side Note: I did catch what the Littlest Sister had, but I just got a mild upset stomach, and passed it on to the Hubby who got violently ill. Whoops. There are some benefits to working in a hospital – Like rarely getting sick. My immune system is so strong now it’s known to randomly attack squirrels in the back yard.

Thankfully the stomach flu thing only lasted that one day and we were able to visit with the Hubby’s Grandpa in San Diego and then head off to Pheonix. The hubby worked a trade show and I worked on my online health assessment class. I got sunburned by the pool and read a good book. Then it was back to Virginia – real life, real work, school, and transforming a bachelor pad into a home.